Simple coding is fine for simple web applications. For complex ones, hire experienced ASP.NET experts of Lnsel.

Powerful And Productive ASP.NET Application Development Services
Most of the popular and powerful application development services are based on ASP.NET. It’s because ASP.NET is mainly used for web applications that needs a powerful and productive framework. Looking for experienced ASP.NET Application Development experts? Lnsel could be your best bet.Our skilled and professional experts at Lnsel can turn your ideas into reality-with the help of clever coding.
Simple To Complex Web Application Development Is Our Passion
Lnsel is one of the leading ASP.NET application development companies that make use of the best technology to produce applications that work for your business. At Lnsel, we always focus on designing, developing and supporting web application programs that meet the needs the requirements of the clients.

We have a huge team of skilled and experienced designers, programmers and ASP.NET professionals who enjoy working on the complex web application development projects. We can provide you with customized software development services using .NET and SQL server.

Our Software/Applications are running successfully in different domain including (Desktop Applications) like:
  • Export Documentation Management System,
  • Diagnostic Management System,
  • Tea Package Management System,
  • Address Book,
  • Inventory & Stock Management System,
We have also worked on web applications like :
  • Money Marketing Management System (Chain System)
  • Matrimonial Services Application
  • Book Publishing Application
Have a look at the software’s developed for different clients:-
  • Export Documentation Software.
  • Software for Tea Industry.
  • Diagnostic Centre Management Software
  • Multi-Level Marketing Software
  • Payroll Management Software
  • Inventory Management Software
  • Software for School / Educational Industry.
  • Jewellery Management Software.
Technology/Tools Used :
Microsoft ASP.Net with Microsoft VB.Net/C#.Net, WCF, WPF and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Database.
Software Development Life Cycle :

Have a look at the following two models used by us:-

  • Iterative Waterfall Model
  • Rapid Prototyping Model.
Testing :

At Lnsel, we mainly put emphasis on the two kinds of testing which are as follows:-

  • Black Box Testing
  • White Box testing
It also includes functional testing, regression testing, integration testing, unit testing, compatibility & comparison testing, Load & Stress testing, Alpha & Beta testing Recovery testing, security testing, GUI testing and smoke and sanity testing, acceptance testing, installation testing, etc. to serve high quality software & applications.
Have a look at our portfolio and let us know if we can help you.
Why Lnsel?

At Lnsel, we mainly put emphasis on the two kinds of testing which are as follows:-

  • Because, we have professionally trained and experienced ASP.NET developers to meet the needs of your project.
  • Because, we have huge years of experience with .NET framework.
  • Because, we are a Microsoft certified partner.
  • Because, we have knowledge on UI design and programming.
You can email us at or call us at +91 33 40650370 to speak with our experts and we’ll be happy to discuss the plan with you to develop the best software to suit your business needs.