World-Class ERP Solutions for Better Business Performance

ERP or enterprise resource planning is business management software that enables a company to make use of integrated applications for managing its business. This ERP software consists of all aspects of an operation, together with product planning, manufacturing, sales and marketing processes. At LNSEL, we offer a wide range of bespoke ERP solutions for college, universities & businesses to help you run your business smoothly. Our customized ERP solutions include EPS and Oracle Cloud, which help you synchronise the economic and manufacturing procedures on which you business relies.

The many benefits of ERP:

When you choose ERP software, you get to enjoy these following key benefits:

  • Reduced clutter and complexities regarding business operations.
  • Enhanced productivity.
  • Scalability of functions.
  • Efficient record-keeping.
  • Proper reporting of business operations.
  • Low cost of operations.
  • Better supply chain.
  • Better compliance with regulations.


Why choose LNSEL?

We have been working since 2009 to offer you the best services for end-to-end ERP in domains like Finances, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Human Resource, Colleges, Universities and Customer Relationship Management. It is our vast knowledge and experience in ERP functionality that provides us ample competency to deliver tailor-made solutions to businesses – both domestic and international. Our commitment toward our clients as an ERP service provider is reflected in our partnership with Oracle and SAP.

We support the following types of solutions:



Lee & Nee ERP consulting program is well known for providing comprehensive business and industry solutions for the entire suite of Oracle ERP Applications including Financials, Supply Chain and Manufacturing, Projects, CRM, and Incentive Compensation.

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Also know as SAP B1, this ERP application can be a game changer for your enterprise. It helps in dramatically improving business operations, increasing the overall efficiency by a huge percentage.

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Custom ERP


At LNSEL, we offer ERP solutions for education institutes as well as manufacturing companies. We have the best campus management and product management solutions for you.

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