Magpet Solutions trusted SAP B1 and LNSEL for their ERP Solution

About the company

Magpet Solutions is a part of the Magnum Group. It is the largest  PET manufacturer in eastern India. They manufacture premium quality PET Preforms, PET Containers, 5 Gallon Jars, Plastic Closures and other such products. They established in 1983 and have multiple decades of experience. Magpet solution is majorly based out of Kolkata and Guwahati.  Equipped with the latest techonologies, they strive to deliver the best.

The challenges being faced

In 2018, the team at Magpet Solutions(part of Magnum Group) was looking for an ERP solution that helped them with not just accounting but beyond that. Magpet Solutions is a rapidly growing, rigid packaging, consumer durables and FMCG company.  The company was growing in manifolds and an advanced ERP solution with features like , End to end purchase and production process, Inventory transfer, Sales data etc was the key to effective management.

Benefits from SAP B1

The transformation from previous software to SAP B1 included many challenges ranging from Staff Management, Working Methodology and various other spectrums.  Both the teams at Lee and Nee and Magpet Solutions worked in sync for a successful endeavor.

The Added Benefits

Some of the major solutions that were designed for them are:

  1. End to end purchase and production process including Q.C. process.
  2. Capturing batch-wise production, Inventory transfer and Sales data in SAP B1.
  3. Mapping the reusable rejected and cutting materials in further production process and also taking into account the overall cost
    impact for the same.
  4. Batch wise production analysis with respective machine tagging, for easy track down of defects in final
  5. Customized configuration of SAP B1 for tracking batch-wise raw  aterials, unfinished goods, finished goods, shift wise machine efficiency entries and much more.
  6. Customized (screen & report) to ease the calculation/tracking of periodic bulk discounts that they are entitled for their main raw materials purchase.

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 “We found SAP B1 to be user friendly, and the approach of Lee and Nee as the implementation partner made it very comprehensible. The decision of installing SAP B1 with Lee and Nee has been a fruitful one and has taken us miles ahead.”

– Mr. Vaibhav Sethia

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