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Need Android App Development In Kolkata? First Check 5 Fun Facts

With smartphones and tablets becoming an integral part of our daily life, the importance of mobile apps is also gradually enhancing. Though there are numerous android app developers scattered all over Kolkata, it is always advisable to hire someone with years of industry presence. This will give you the assurance that they will be completely […]

Hosting Your Application On AWS Cloud Server? Know The Top Benefits

Almost every company shouldering the responsibility to host your application will suggest you to consider AWS for your infrastructure needs. Though there are many reasons to do so, it’s advisable to know the various benefits of using AWS so you can stay assured of making a wise decision. If reports are to be believed, there […]

Know Why Magento Is So Vital And Useful For Ecommerce Websites

The primary focus of every e-commerce website owner is on enhancing their revenues or ROI by crafting a site with the latest functionality features and better usability. Though numerous platforms have been launched in the last few years which have led to a huge shift of paradigm, the latest among them has been the launch […]

Why Should You Emphasize Responsive Web Design For Your Business Website?

As it comes to web designing, responsive web designs are latest in trend. They are good for developers, designers, businesses and of course, users. Let’s have a look at the key benefits of choosing a responsive web design for the official website of your company. • More traffic through mobile – Over 50% of the […]

Choosing The Best Payroll Software In India Has Become Easier

One of the main reasons why payroll is treated as a vital part of every organization is because this department helps in maintaining the reputation of a company by ensuring that it is complying with all the legislation. For someone not aware of the term yet, it is basically the process through which your employees […]

The Ultimate Guide For Anyone Looking For A Reliable ERP Software

ERP is not just a type of enterprise application but almost like a blessing in disguise for every large sized business. The software has been specially designed for companies who need a dedicated team of professionals who can customise and analyse the data, besides handling those deployments and upgrades. Managing the internal and external resources […]