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(Diagnostic Management Solution):

MediKonnect – The Diagnostic Management System is a versatile software for Diagnostic Centers. It provides complete reporting of all departments along with a user friendly interface to manage Patient Billing & Inventory. It has the capability of being integrated with a SMS server and even allows the patients to download their reports online. MediKonnect offers a unique way of managing your business with the help of its detailed MIS reports and analysis tools.

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Admin Module-

The Admin module allows the administrator to create various levels of users and assign their roles. Most diagnostic Center employs people under various departments handling different activities. The administrator can provide restricted access to selected modules.

General Module-

This is the most important module that includes Master Data , Transactions and reports in details.

Master data:
  • Unit
  • Department
  • Test with Reference Range &Rate
  • Doctor with Specialization
  • Examiner
  • Medical Representative
  • Corporate Packages
  • Specimen Collector
  • Payment modeetc.

Transactions include:
  • Patient Test Booking
  • Bill Payment
  • Radio logical Test
  • Doctor’s commission
  • Collection Center
  • Test performed
  • Medical checklist

Report section:

It includes all range of business report and MIS including patient test reports results.

Inventory Module-

Master data:
  • Unit
  • Size
  • Category
  • Item
  • Vendor
  • Equipment
Transaction part Covers:
  • Purchase order
  • Goods issue note
  • Goods receipt note
  • Sales\issue return
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