SEO Portfolio

SEO Portfolio

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Keywords 01/07/2020
Fabricators in Kolkata 5
Structural Fabricators in Kolkata 4
Pre Engineered Building in Kolkata 3
PEB Structure in Kolkata 4
Structural Steel Fabrication in Kolkata 4
Industrial Fabrication in Kolkata 5
Unitech Structural Works 1
Industrial Structural Steel Fabrication in Kolkata 1
Structural Fabricators 4
Industrial Structural Steel Fabrication 1

Project Name


Keywords 01/07/2020
PP Ropes Manufacturer & Supplier 5
Polypropylene Ropes Manufacturer 5
Polypropylene Ropes Supplier 6
PP Danline Rope Manufacturer & Supplier 7
Polypropylene Danline Rope Manufacturer & Supplier 5
Power Grip Ropes Manufacturer 1
Power Grip Ropes Supplier 1
Crown Industries 3
Power Grip Ropes 1
PP Ropes Exporters 4

Project Name


Keywords 01/07/2020
Nail polish manufacturer in Kolkata 5
Nail polish supplier in Kolkata 4
Nail polish wholesaler in Kolkata 4
Nail polish raw materials manufacturer in Kolkata 1
Nail polish raw materials supplier in Kolkata 1
Nail polish raw materials wholesaler in Kolkata 1
Shree Product Kolkata 1
Nail polish wholesale in Kolkata 5

Project Name


Keywords 01/07/2020
Industrial Wire Brushes manufacturer in Kolkata 4
Industrial Wire Brushes Supplier in Kolkata 4
Industrial Wire Brush components manufacturer in Kolkata 1
Industrial Wire Brush components supplier in Kolkata 3
Nylon Roller Wire Brush manufacturer in Kolkata 4
Banister Wire Brushes manufacturer in Kolkata 1
Shoe Wire Brush manufacturer in Kolkata 5
Channel Wire Brush manufacturer in Kolkata 1
Wire brush manufacturers in kolkata 3

Project Name


Keywords 01/07/2020
Insolvency Service in India 3
Individual Insolvency Registrar India 1
Professional Insolvency Registrar India 3
Company Insolvency Registrar India 1
Insolvency Registrar in India 1
Bankruptcy Advice Service in India 1
Corporate Legal Advisory Services India 1
Corporate Legal Advisory in India 2

Project Name


Keywords 01/07/2020
Emitting Electrode Supplier in India 4
Emitting Electrode Manufacturer in India 4
Emitting Electrode Supplier 6
Emitting Electrode Manufacturer 5
Emitting Electrode Spiral Manufacturer 6
Emitting Electrode Spiral Supplier 6
Discharge Electrode Manufacturer 7
Discharge Electrode Supplier 5
ESP spares manufacturers in India 7
ESP spares manufacturers 9

Project Name


Keywords 01/07/2020
Frp packaged sewage treatment plant 1
packaged sewage treatment plant manufacturer 3
FRP Package STP 1
FRP Package STP manufacturer 1
FRP Package STP manufacturer 1
Anaerobic Septic Tank manufacturer 1
FRP septic tank manufacturer 5
Domestic Septic Tank manufacturer 1
Composite Frp Vessel 1
FRP Composite Vessel 2
FRP Vessel manufacturer 4

Project Name


Keywords 01/07/2020
Hair Transplantation in India 9
Hair Transplantation India 11
Hair Transplant in India 9
Hair Transplant India 12
Hair Transplantation in Kolkata 4
Hair Transplantation Kolkata 4
Hair Transplant in Kolkata 4
Hair Transplant Kolkata 4
Hair Transplant Center in Kolkata 7
Hair Transplant Center in India 16
Hair Transplant Center Kolkata 4
Hair Transplant Center India 28
Cost of Hair Transplant in India 6
Cost of Hair Transplant in Kolkata 1
Cost of Hair Transplant India 7
Cost of Hair Transplant Kolkata 1
Prem Cosmetic Surgery 5

Project Name


Keywords 01/07/2020
Annapurna furniture & Modular Kitchen 1
Furniture Shops In Kolkata 14
Furniture Showroom in Kolkata 11
Wooden furniture in Kolkata 2
Best Teak Wood furniture in Kolkata 1
Furniture Manufacturers in Kolkata 3
Modular Kitchen in Kolkata 2
Best Modular Kitchen Manufacturers in Kolkata 2
Sofa Manufacturers in Kolkata 2

Project Name


Keywords 01/07/2020
Dental Lab in Kolkata 5
Superspeciality Dental clinic in Kolkata 1
Routine Dentistry in kolkata 2
Ultrasonic Scaling in kolkata 5
Denture Work in kolkata 2
Dentistry In Kolkata 15
Dental Clinics In Kolkata 19

Project Name


Keywords 01/07/2020
Landrover repairs kent 2
Landrover specialists kent 4
Land rover repairs maidstone 3
Land rover repairs folkstone 1
Land rover repairs new romney 1
Land rover repairs Canterbury 3
Land rover specialists Maidstone 2
Land rover specialists folkstone 1

Project Name


Keywords 01/07/2020
Best Awnings Canopy dealers in Kolkata 1
Awnings manufacturer in Kolkata 1
Canopy manufacturer in Kolkata 3
Commercial Awnings manufacturer in Kolkata 1
Fixed structure manufacturer in Kolkata 1
Polycarbonate shade structure in Kolkata 1
Canopy / Awnings suppliers in West Bengal 1
Mohan Awnings 1
Awnings dealers in West Bengal 1
Tensile structure dealers in Kolkata 1
Demo Tent Canopy manufacturer in Kolkata 1
Fixed Awnings dealers in Kolkata 1

Project Name


Keywords 01/07/2020
Buy Online Products for Senior Citizen in India 1
Walker for senior citizens in India 5
Products for senior citizens in India 1
Security Pole for seniors in India 1
Bedroom Safety Products for senior citizens in India 1
Bathroom Safety Products for senior citizens in India 2
Toilet Safety Products for senior citizens in India 1
Bedrails for senior citizens in India 1
Home Safety Products for old people in India 1
Standing and sitting supports in India 1
Products in India which makes standing or sitting easy 1
Additional Keywords 01.07.2020
Grab bars in India 2
Walking Sticks in India 9
Products for elderly in India 1
Car assist products in India 1
Car assist products for elders in India 1
Grab bars for senior citizens in India 1
Car assist products for seniors in India 1
Related Keywords
Senior citizens products 3
Senior citizen products india 1
Buy senior citizen products india 1
Bed rails for elderly india 1
Bathroom accessories for senior citizens in india 1
Products for senior citizens 1
Bed rails for elderly india 1
Bathroom grab bars for elderly india 1
U-Step II Walker 5

Project Name


Keywords 01/07/2020
Can Rasogolla in India 2
Canned Sweets in India 4
Rasogolla in India 2
Best Ghee in India 9
Packed Sweets in India 5
Best Packed Sweets in India 1
Best Can Rasogolla in India 1
Milk Supplier in Eastern India 5
Dairy Supplier in Eastern India 5
Milk in Eastern India 2
Dairy Products in Eastern India 1
Dairy in Eastern India 2
Dairy in India 4
Gulab Jamun in India 6

Project Name


Keywords 01/07/2020
Aluminium Composite Panel Manufacturers 3
Aluminium Composite Panel Price 4
Wall Panels in India 10
Wall Panels Manufacturers India 5
Aluminium Composite Materials 2
Aluminium Composite Panel 3
Aluminium Composite Panel Suppliers 3
Aluminium Composite Panel Sheets 1
Building Facade Materials 1
Aluminium Wall Panel 1
ACP Sheets 2
ACP Sheet Design 1
ACP Sheets Price 3
ACP Sheet 3
ACP Manufacturers in India 3
ACP Sheet Manufacturer 2
ACP Sheet Sizes 1
Aluminium Composite Panel Manufacturer 2
Aluminium Composite Panel Manufacturer in India 2
Acp Panels 1

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  • .....It was great to work with LNSEL.. Their work on our website and Social Media Optimization has made a significant different to our business… The service they’ve provided our business is the absolute best, always prompt, always professional and always proactive.

    Ranjit Jaiswal
  • Myself Sumit Bhatter , From Sumit Enterprise and we are into corporate Gifts . Timely delivery, competitive price and customization is our forte . Being updated is the demand of the generation and websites serves as the face of your organization. It was around 3 weeks back when I contacted Mr. Gupta for my website requirement, in no time his coordinator called me up understood my requirement and with in 5 hrs he sent me a link which was really shocking for me as on opening the link I got the exact design and color tone which I was looking for my website. Even the minute changes were made in no time.

    I highly recommend Lee & Nee Software Pvt Ltd , and appreciate the entire team of LEE & NEE

    I am glad to meet Mr. Gupta at such platform of BNI , and I wish all the success for his future business endeavors.

    Sumit Enterprise
  • We have used LeeNee for a number of projects now. We have worked with other outsource developers but LeeNee’s range of coding knowledge and experience combined with really good communications, quick response times and excellent problem solving make these guys stand out. Most importantly they are clearly committed to building long term relationships which comes through in their determination to see a project right through to a satisfactory conclusion - which more often than not means going the extra mile.

    Martin Roberts
  • Greetings to you form Chowdhary Udyog. We are happy with LNSEL’s services, particular for the 1st Website of our company, hosted over a decade ago, and thereafter its continued maintenance and updating the same. Indeed the work put up the LNSEL web designing team is commendable and good. We are happy to continue our association with LNSEL.

    Chowdhary Udyog
  • We hired LNSEL to design our online website. We asked them to create an interesting & exciting design and they did that successfully. We wish the web designing team of LNSEL the best for the future.

    India Carbon Ltd
  • Hello! Sir, Finally the site is made & it’s too beautiful.

    Jyoti Interiors
  • "We have been working with LNSEL for about 2 years now, and the support is great and the team is always there when we needed them. We’ll definitely be back for future projects as we continue to expand."

    Jisan Australia
  • I have outsourced Lee & Nee Softwares company for several projects so far and the outcome has been great. I have a fantastic manager, Arpita that speaks good English and very prompt to address any issue when they arise. Mahesh is also very proactive and eager to succeed. I know I am in good hands and looking forward to more projects on long term bases. Highly recommend them.

    Daniel UK
  • Over past few weeks our updated website has been uploaded through you. I must put on record my appreciation for the team at Lee & Nee for handling my account. Their response was timely, their suggestions cogent and their attitude cooperative.

    Mrs. Swati Gautam Necessity
  • It was a good experience to develop our company website with you. The team members always gave a good response to the queries and changes needed.

    Sailesh Jalan FairField Equipment Pvt Ltd
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