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Digital marketing has been a game changer in different industries, and the hotel industry is no exception. Unlike the old days when word-of-mouth marketing was the only way to promote hotel services, nowadays, internet and digital marketing solutions have influenced the number of check-ins at a hotel.

For travel enthusiasts, the internet is a boon. Searching for good and affordable hotels is now a piece of cake. That is why most hotels are resorting to digital marketing strategies, which increases their hotel’s popularity and bookings.

From any reputed digital marketing company in Kolkata, you can get the right strategies to help you upgrade the revenue of your hotel business.

What are the digital marketing strategies for the hotel industry?

Ecommerce SEO is an approach to gain organic traffic to your virtual store. It works by optimising your Ecommerce site page. By implementing an Ecommerce SEO strategy, your site is likely to rank well in search engines. Unlike paid advertising, you receive long-term benefits from SEO. This way, you can optimise your site in a better fashion.

What are the Best Practices in Ecommerce SEO?


  • Well-optimised website and SEO strategies

    With the help of a well-optimised website, digital marketing companies are helping hotels rank their website with on and off-page SEO. Google My Business Listing is a local SEO technique that works wonders in attracting the target audience and visitors to the local area. With the help of these strategies, the hotels can market their services and increase bookings.

  • Proper quality content

    Content marketing has also been an important factor in creating a positive impression in the minds of travellers. The hotels nowadays highlight the services,  distance from important locations, package charges, and attractive pictures taken by the travellers to gain the trust of the people considering booking the hotel for the first time.

  • Positive impact of paid advertisements

With the help of Google ads and PPC, hotels can now target customer segments on social media pages and increase booking numbers instantly. For instance, PPC and Google ads will also play a major role in getting many bookings on special occasions and weekends.

  • Proper mobile optimisation

Most people nowadays make their whole travel plans using their mobile phones. Hence, every digital marketing company is trying to make mobile optimisation of the website so that they can load easily on every smartphone. A mobile, user-friendly hotel booking experience improves the charges for many bookings.

  • Social media marketing and reviews

Social media has proved to be a highly effective tool for digital marketing in the hospitality industry. With the help of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, hotels can now reach a large segment of the public. The posts and the booking offers come up now and then on the social media pages and provoke the interest of the potential target base.

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