Index Safety Products Pvt. Ltd.

About the company

Index Safety Products Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of premium-quality industrial leather products like industrial
gloves, leather aprons, arm and leg protectors, sigma jackets, welding jackets and other products. They are currently based in Dum Dum
(Kolkata) and have more than 28 years of experience. Different kind of leathers and fabrics are used during the manufacturing process and so
their leather products possess different useful features. Their production process complies with DIN EN ISO 17075:2008

The challenges being faced

Since Index Safety Products Pvt. Ltd rely on an extensive export market for their leather products, they have to face a wide range of complications. Ensuring accuracy and promptness of information with customized software is a must. Few other challenges they face have been stated below.

Benefits from ERP Solution

Index Safety Products Pvt. Ltd. approached LNSEL for processed leather inventory management solution on cloud. We designed a customized ERP solution which made leather goods manufacturing and supplying easier for them. Various modules like material management, in-house production, fabrication production, inventory management, export documentation and financials helped in optimizing their performance and reducing production costs. The primary benefit of our software is to reduce clutter and complexities from their business operations, enhance productivity and better compliance with regulations.

Benefits of Our Software

  1. Calculate average cost and landing cost.
  2. BOM formulae generation.
  3. View various order costs and exception of cost deviation online.
  4. Track and calculate orders across factories.
  5. Calculate exact rates during tanning and manufacturing process.

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“I would like to place a word of appreciation for the professional work done by Lnsel. The software ,Lexpro provides support for manufacturing leather products as well as configurable dashboards for extensive reporting and management insight.The software we are using is really very suitable and time saving for manufacturing system (Specially leather industry.)
Thanks for your hard work and keep going with good work.”

Index Safety Products Pvt. Ltd


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