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Lee & Nee Software Exports Ltd. is a reputed web design & development service provider catering to the global needs of ecommerce website design and development, mobile app development, CRM development, social media portal construction, and many more. We have completed projects across industries and looking forward to unlocking the potential of the brand. Our responsive ecommerce website development services are based on interactive technology and plays a significant role in promoting brands across digital marketing platforms.

We have positioned ourselves as a notable ecommerce website design company with the aid of clear thinking and an agile and collaborative team. We have brought the industry experts with an extraordinary skill set to create the best-in-class team together. They exercise their capabilities to deliver every project from scratch to completion.

As a responsible provider of ecommerce website design services, we have been creating innovative website solutions for businesses for several years now. Here is a step-by-step approach for the services we offer,

Step One: Project Meeting

A meeting will be arranged by us to discuss your requirements in detail. You can share your thoughts and ideas with our senior developers and graphic designers, and in turn, they will deliver the feel and look of the website you are looking for.

Step Two: Website Mapping

Next, we will map out the structure of the website. We consider the target key phrases and user experiences as our top priorities.

Step Three: Design and Content Creation

Then begins the task of bespoke coding and development. This will help you accomplish a completely functional site. Our expert content writers work on creating content designed and optimised to gain ranks and attract users.

Step Four: Checklist to Go Live

We create a checklist for you, including every aspect to take care of before the site goes live. We will also take the necessary steps to incorporate Google Analytics tracking.

Step Five: Website Review

As the website is live, we will initiate a site crawl to assure that there isn’t any barrier to the functionality and visibility of the site.

Step Six: Managing the Site Continually

We will always be in touch even after your website is live. Contact us whenever you feel confused.

Lee & Nee Software Exports Ltd. Is the dynamic, multi-disciplinary ecommerce web design company to make a name for ourselves. We are offering an impressive return on your investment. The websites we develop are sure to have top rankings and conversions. Our full-service ecommerce website design services are cost-efficient and ensure long term results.

You are sure to have a competitive edge with the ecommerce websites designed by us. We know it well that your customers always look for a high-class experience from your website. Often, they expect the same standard of customer service as offered by the online tycoons like Amazon and others. We strive to fulfil that expectation by making the design, quality, and performance aspects of your website our top priorities. Our sites are tailored around your specific needs, and that’s why they safeguard your interests the best.

We offer you with all the necessities to have your website up and running. It includes essential services like hosting, website maintenance, and support. Thus, we always ensure unbeatable user experience and help you attain your greater goals.

It’s our passion to gift you a website with a soul.  We never opt for themes and sites off the shelf and put in honest effort to set a masterpiece driven by our experience. To us, each of our users, their goals, and every pixel matter and our serious efforts can thus be traced in our good work. We work with individuals, companies and brands of all shapes and sizes. If you have any requirement, strike a conversation today!

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