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About the company

Pacific Jute Limited was established in 2004 by Mr. Pawan Kumar Agarwal, founder and managing director, with the aim of meeting the global requirements of jute. Pacific Jute Ltd has grown steadily and strongly at a cumulative aggregate growth rate higher than 15% since the past ten years (FY 2008-19). The company exports 100% of its products, conducting operations from Falta Special Economic Zone (SEZ), headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, and employing over 500 personnel. Today, it has gained global recognition as one of the top exporters of jute in the world and is recognized as a Star Export House and ISO 9001:2015 by the government of India. Pacific Jute Ltd. is an active member of the Export Promotion Council for EoUs and SEZs, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India.



During the growth of the company, the following needs arised: 

  •  Automated backbone system 
  •  Recording the data for better managerial decisions.
  •  They did not have an integrated system for each department which made it tough to coordinate. 


The major requirement was a complete transformation of the system to an automated and integrated system for better management of the entire business. 


  1. 1. End to end purchase Process  including  Indent, Purchase Order & GRN. We have captured the end to end process in SAP – right from the beginning of Raw Jute/Stores Items when it first arrived in the factory , to the overall Purchase Process. This sets a standard purchase process.



  1.     In SAP B1 we have maintained stage wise Production which ensures a set standard of production and good quality products.


  1.     Earlier they did not have any integrated processes for Raw Jute, Stores , Sales and Production , after implementing SAP B1 now they have a total integrated process for all the departments. This has eliminated data duplicacy and ease of information access


  1.     After implementing SAP, now they have better traceability and tracking of every Raw Jute, Stores Items in the system, which was not possible in their previous software.


  1.   E- Invoicing for Sales Invoice/ Debit Note /Credit Note  . This helps them generate   IRN No & QR Code in a single click.


  1.     We have also implemented Export related Documentation i.e. Custom Invoice, Commercial Invoice, Packing list, Single Country Declaration, Packing Declaration etc.


  1.     Inter departmental dependency also reduced, now with the development of department specific reports, the one department can access all the desired /required reports from SAP directly .


  1.     Different MIS reports can be procured as per management requirement , which helps the management to analyze their business in a better way.


The implementation of SAP correctly has ultimately led to an increase in cost efficiency, Saves time for the employees and also reduces manual & repetitive tasks and also helps in identifying challenges for productivity of both humans and machines.

“I am blessed to have Lee and Nee as our Support Team. Whenever there has been a problem with the SAP Implementation, they have never said that something will not work. They have a very problem-solving mindset. They have always assured and helped us in SAP helping us in any aspect. I am thankful that Lee and Nee has been our support partner.”

– Shivam Agarwal

Director, Pacific Jute Limited


Lee and Nee Softwares Exports Ltd is an IT Enabled service provider with more than three decades of industry presence.  We provide ERP solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises. We are the implementation and customization partners for SAP B1. We have been working with the manufacturing industry extensively in multiple verticals like: Jute, Leather, Chemical, Iron and Steel and many others. We also provide digital transformation such as website development , digital marketing and app development.  With client satisfaction being our top priority, we use our rich experience to deliver end-to-end services to multiple industry verticals.

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