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With the sudden upsurge in the popularity of alternate, Web-enabled gadgets like tablets and smartphones has encouraged designers to build websites that run across a range of screen sizes and browsers? With responsive web designing approach, you get a website that works smoothly across all browsers and devices. Some of the most common technologies used for creating responsive websites are CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript.

The next generation of website technology, cleverly termed as Web3.0, uses widgets, semantic web, Me-onomy, drag n drop mash ups, advertisements, combines useful content and concentrates on individuals. It makes use of the ‘Data Web’ technology, including structured data records, which are reusable and publishable on the Internet via query-enabled designs like XML, RDF and micro formats. In fact, it’s the stepping stone to total semantic web, which facilitates innovative levels of responsive application operability. Moreover, development in mobile technology has enabled us to take the Internet wherever we travel. With quick and responsive website designs, you can easily access the websites in smartphones and tablets.

It’s a fact that mobile internet is challenging the supremacy of long-established desktops and laptops. Today, most of the people surf the internet on their tablets and smartphones. At Lnsel, we offer tailor-made HTML5 website layout and development services which help you reach out to your visitors, no matter what device they use. Our HTML5 web development team builds mobile-friendly websites which provide a complete web experience to cell phone users. The most recent adaptation of HTML and XHTML, the HTML 5 website design is popular for its enhanced semantics, simple coding and accessibility. Besides this, the markup lingo helps improve video and audio playbacks, minus the use of external plug-ins.

HTML5 – The basic functionality

  • Easy to create websites
  • No requirement of specific coding
  • Simple debugging procedure
  • Easy formulation of videos and animations
  • HTML apps like Adobe Edge aids create interactive applications
  • Integrated features that facilitate video and audio play

HTML5 holds up more than 80 percent of the Web market. At the same time, it’s important to know that HTML5 cannot meet all types of project requirements. We, at Lnsel, understand the constraints of this coding language and present solutions that bring in additional features and benefits.

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  • " …..It was great to work with LNSEL.. Their work on our website and Social Media Optimization has made a significant different to our business… The service they’ve provided our business is the absolute best, always prompt, always professional and always proactive.”
    Ranjit Jaiswal
  • Myself Sumit Bhatter , From Sumit Enterprise and we are into corporate Gifts . Timely delivery, competitive price and customization is our forte . Being updated is the demand of the generation and websites serves as the face of your organization. It was around 3 weeks back when I contacted Mr. Gupta for my website requirement, in no time his coordinator called me up understood my requirement and with in 5 hrs he sent me a link which was really shocking for me as on opening the link I got the exact design and color tone which I was looking for my website. Even the minute changes were made in no time. I highly recommend Lee & Nee Software Pvt Ltd , and appreciate the entire team of LEE & NEE I am glad to meet Mr. Gupta at such platform of BNI , and I wish all the success for his future business endeavors.
  • ‘We have used LeeNee for a number of projects now. We have worked with other outsource developers but LeeNee’s range of coding knowledge and experience combined with really good communications, quick response times and excellent problem solving make these guys stand out. Most importantly they are clearly committed to building long term relationships which comes through in their determination to see a project right through to a satisfactory conclusion - which more often than not means going the extra mile.
    Martin Roberts