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Our payroll software in India is specifically designed to keep your employees pleased. We take immense pride in delivering the highest possible standards in payroll software services to our customers. Our skilled experts are committed to ensuring adherence to the highest standards, tax regime and government regulations. Our payroll management system utilises advanced and modern technology to give you a fully automated payroll system with error-free payroll processes. We provide reliable payroll software services across all industry sectors.

The biggest strength of our payroll system for small business is its simplicity and flexibility to handle all kinds of salary structures. When you approach us for your payroll software service, be assured that all your requirements will be addressed perfectly. Our software’s seamless integration with the attendance management system and leave management system makes the job easier for you, ensuring huge time savings, complete accuracy and extremely satisfied employees. Seeking our payroll software solutions is an absolute must if you wish to keep your employees happy and satisfied.

Payroll Software in India Designed to Save Your Money & Time

Need a simple payroll system for small business? Look no further than Lee & Nee Softwares (Exports) Ltd.

LNSEL’s top-rated payroll services make it easy, simple and convenient for small businesses like yours. Ever since 2015, we have been offering comprehensive payroll services to meet the needs of several businesses. Be it calculating paychecks or processing taxes automatically, we can do everything that your business needs. Our payroll software in Kolkata offers the expertise to manage the Payroll data efficiently and effectively. With us by your side, be assured of freeing yourself from payroll stress.

As a reputed payroll company, we bring vast experience with cutting-edge technology for creating software that goes wherever your business goes and integrates with your business apps. This makes running your small business a lot easier. Using our reliable payroll system can help your business grow by avoiding financial errors while paying salaries to employees. Moreover, our Payroll Software in India offers an exceptional user experience and ensures the accuracy of data.

The Great Benefits of Using Our Payroll Software

  • Easy Calculations
  • Tax Management
  • Forecasting
  • Reliable Backup
  • Fast payroll reconciliation

Salient Features of Our Payroll System

  • Quick Payroll Set-Up

Provide us with your payroll data and we will get you started

  • Accurate Payroll And Tax Calculations

With our payroll services, we can handle your payroll tax deposits and filings

  • Easy Customisation

You can customise the payroll settings as per your requirements and choose your preferred combination of pay method

  • Time-Off Tracking

You can keep track of taken, allowed and available days of vacation and sick time. Employees can even view their time-off activity in the employee portal.

How LNSEL Helps You in Payroll Processing?

Lee and Nee Softwares (Exports) Ltd helps businesses like yours to run smoothly and efficiently, by taking on the tedious task of payroll processing on your behalf. Choosing our payroll software in India can save your efforts, time as well as boost the productivity of your business. Since we handle the time-consuming job of payroll processing, you are free to concentrate on projects and issues which are pivotal and crucial to your business.

We will reduce your work stress not just by taking over the job of managing the payroll, but will also be responsible for the accountability of the job. This frees you from the continuous upgrading of software every time the rules and regulations change. When you outsource your company’s payroll processing to LNSEL, our cost-effective software will allow you to reduce the cost of operation of your business. This, in turn, will make your business more profitable.

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  • " …..It was great to work with LNSEL.. Their work on our website and Social Media Optimization has made a significant different to our business… The service they’ve provided our business is the absolute best, always prompt, always professional and always proactive.”
    Ranjit Jaiswal
  • Myself Sumit Bhatter , From Sumit Enterprise and we are into corporate Gifts . Timely delivery, competitive price and customization is our forte . Being updated is the demand of the generation and websites serves as the face of your organization. It was around 3 weeks back when I contacted Mr. Gupta for my website requirement, in no time his coordinator called me up understood my requirement and with in 5 hrs he sent me a link which was really shocking for me as on opening the link I got the exact design and color tone which I was looking for my website. Even the minute changes were made in no time. I highly recommend Lee & Nee Software Pvt Ltd , and appreciate the entire team of LEE & NEE I am glad to meet Mr. Gupta at such platform of BNI , and I wish all the success for his future business endeavors.
  • ‘We have used LeeNee for a number of projects now. We have worked with other outsource developers but LeeNee’s range of coding knowledge and experience combined with really good communications, quick response times and excellent problem solving make these guys stand out. Most importantly they are clearly committed to building long term relationships which comes through in their determination to see a project right through to a satisfactory conclusion - which more often than not means going the extra mile.
    Martin Roberts