ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a software an organisation willing to manage their day-to-day activities easily can use. Few of those tasks are risk management and compliance, procurement, accounting, project management and supply chain operations. The Enterprise Performance Management software included in a complete ERP suite helps in planning,
budgeting, predicting and reporting the financial results of an organisation. The various ERP systems work together to define various business processes and allow data to flow between them.

The ERP system collects the transactional data shared by an organisation through various sources. The system has a ‘single source of truth’ which provides data integrity and reduces the chances of data duplication. The customised ERP software offered by Lee & Nee Softwares (Exports) Ltd is being used by hundreds of businesses of various sizes and industries. Businesses can improve their workflow by aligning separate departments of their organisation together.

List of ERP Features

Some of the most common features of our Enterprise Resource Planning software are-

  • ERP accounting
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Business intelligence
  • Human resources
  • Supply chain management
  • Inventory management

Benefits of ERP Software for Business

  • Advanced analytics: Enterprise Resource Planning software provides better analytical depth in comparison to other standalone systems. It pulls a wealth of data from every aspect of your business into easy-to-decipher and detailed analytics dashboards which give big-picture insights.
  • Data Security: One of the greatest benefits of ERP development for businesses of all sizes is enhanced data security. When you implement Enterprise Resource Planning software in your organisation, data security will no longer be a concern. Not only can ERP software enhance the security accuracy and consistency of data, but also the resources and built-in firewalls.
  • Customised Reporting: Implementation of ERP software makes reporting much more customisable and easier. With better reporting capabilities, your organisation can respond to complex data requests much more easily. Users can even run their own reports without even seeking help from IT, thus saving your user time to use toward other projects.
  • Cycle time: Another notable benefit of implementing our Enterprise Resource Planning software is the cycle time. The ERP software tracks the cycle time of products which can help small organisations recognize delays and find effective strategies for improvement.
  • Greater efficiency: Getting Enterprise Resource Planning software implemented by the best ERP Company in Kolkata reduces the need to enter information manually and eliminate the several repetitive processes. ERP implementation can even streamline business processes by making them easier and efficient for organisations to collect data and information, regardless of the various departments.
  • Transparency: More and more businesses are switching to our Enterprise Resource Planning software owing to their transparency. ERP solutions enable small businesses to access and share information across all departments. This eliminates the need for re-entering data, thus increasing the productivity of your business.
  • Sales management: Helps organisations analyse and manage their sales much more efficiently. This enables businesses to track the progress of their sales targets.
  • Order management: Our ERP solutions enable small businesses to identify the actual reasons for sales order returns. ERP implementation even identifies strategies to address the issues.

Latest Trends in ERP Software

  • Mobile App Option: Counted among leading ERP solution providers, we develop mobile interfaces which will enable users to get a real-time view of business operations. No matter where they are located, users will be able to get an actual view with remote access from their mobile devices.
  • Software as a service ( SaaS): Owing to its cost-effectiveness and easy implementation options, businesses have an increased interest in our web-based ERP software. Since SaaS operates through a web browser, it eliminates the need for full-time IT employees to maintain servers and monitor equipment.
  • Social Media Integration: As a renowned ERP solution provider, we add social media applications in our packages. We create internal applications to boost employee interaction together with improving integrations between the ERP system and social media platforms.

Essential Features of ERP Software for Business

Our ERP software for small business in Kolkata provides a range of salient features. These include accounting, CRM, business intelligence, human resources, inventory management, manufacturing, integration, supply chain management, analytics and reporting. Implementation of the right ERP system brings together every activity of the organisation as the processes ‘cross’ more functional areas into a single system. By using a single database along with common software infrastructure, ERP system provides updated information and better understanding to managers.

The essential features of our Enterprise Resource Planning software for businesses are-

  • Accounting: Assists small businesses in simplifying their financial reporting and manages the allocation of vital resources effectively.
  • Analytics & Reporting: Businesses get accurate and comprehensive reports across each of their departments. This facilitates proper data analysis and effective decision making.
  • Business Intelligence: This is one essential feature which makes ERP software a must-have for every organisation. ERP software solutions enable organisations to analyse and report relevant data to assist with their decision making.
  • CRM: Helps organisations increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction by managing interactions with leads, clients and customers as well as tracks departmental operations.
  • Human Resources: Enables businesses to manage traditional human resource activities as well as introduce strategic initiatives with better accuracy and greater speed.
  • Integration: ERP software integrates well with the existing applications of a company like accounting software, inventory management and CRM to create a single robust platform.
  • Inventory Management: Our Enterprise Resource Planning helps businesses of all sizes track information on their product supply, for the purpose of upholding adequate stock for avoiding unnecessary expenditure.
  • Supply Chain Management: Getting the right system implemented by a reputed ERP Company in India like LNSEL can help businesses track goods as they move through the supply chain. These include applications like supplier management, supply chain planning and warehouse management.
  • Manufacturing: Our ERP systems help businesses to anticipate and budget effectively for resources for the production process. It may also include modules which focus on the management of the product life cycle and bill of materials.

Why Choose The Right ERP Software?

Choosing ERP software solutions for your business is a very important decision. Selecting the best ERP software can bring numerous benefits as well as lay the foundations on which your organisation can scale and accelerate its growth. This makes selecting and implementing a good ERP solution from the beginning very crucial.

Choosing an ERP solution over any accounting system for your organisation is important for entrepreneurs who want to manage every aspect of your business in a single system. Not only can the right solution help you improve the management of the supply chain, but also help in developing customer relationships. The right ERP implementation can even reduce the time spent on managing trivial tasks which do not add value to your company.

Competitive Advantages of Using ERP Software

In this rapidly evolving technological landscape, implementation of our ERP for small business in Kolkata to streamline operations can be very beneficial. Organisations can reap numerous benefits like-

  • Better management and organisation
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Informed business decision

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