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Medical Transcription is the process of accurately and swiftly transcribing medical records dictated by doctors and others. LNSEL is one of the leading providers of Medical Transcription Services in Kolkata.

Ever since our inception, we have been popular for our excellence in service areas and have a proven track record of providing the best medical transcription over a number of years. Our company has a team of highly accomplished transcribers who use the finest technologies to offer cost-effective and exceptionally accurate services. We ensure quality transcripts as per industry standards.

Every transcript completed by our transcriber goes through our Quality Control Stage. Our motto is to ensure that the highest standards of services are offered to our clients. We have excellent infrastructure to meet the requirements of the hour. The team is trained to follow rigorous quality processes and concentrate on quality; they are also committed to maintain the confidentiality of the medical records.

Are you tired of tall claims made by individuals and companies? Are you hesitant in placing your trust in yet another new company and paying a price for their mistakes?

Do you sometimes think how do you trust anymore? The answer is you don’t. Let them earn your trust. At LNSEL, we will earn your trust in small, sure steps. You don’t have to risk believing what we say. Fill out the form below and upload a sample project of 500 lines and get the completed work in 24 hours. Find out for yourself, whether or not, you can trust us.

Size of the company does not matter; the impressive ads do not matter. Big names come with bigger price tags and phone lines that tell you “All of our service representatives are busy right now. Please wait for the next available representative.”


If all that matters to you is quality, personalized service, security and value for your money then pay for just that and nothing more.

There are three aspects to ensuring quality:

  • Right people
  • Right process
  • Right infrastructure

Employing right people:

All candidates are required to have a minimum of 2 years experience before they join production and prove their ability to meet the required standards. – They also go through rigorous in-house training. – Performance evaluations are done to ensure that the team delivers consistent quality.

Using the right process:

The core process involves the following, the 5 steps to process to make sure that quality standards are met.

  • The client uploads the voice files via FTP
  • The client Account Manager downloads the files and allocates it to the MTs
  • Work by the MTs is proofread by QCs at two levels (QC1 & QC2)
  • The supervisor (QC3) goes through the checked document
  • QC3 delivers the work to client account Manager who uploads it via FTP

Having the right infrastructure:

We have made a good start and have the basic infrastructure in place, and we are gradually updating this as the work load increases. Our existing infrastructure includes:

  • High speed internet connectivity (2 Mbps leased line)
  • Secure dedicated server with 128-bit encryption located at the data centers at California, USA
  • An up-to-date library of software and reference materials
  • Daily Backup arrangements

Our team :

MT Team :
30 Transcriptionists (over 2 yrs experience). Editors are 5+ years experienced and have worked with multispecialty and acute care hospitals.

Number of MT’s currently under Training

Number of shifts :
2 shift of 8 hours

Present Average Daily Output :
6,000 lines.

Short term Capacity Output :
20,000 lines per day in all 3 shifts.

Min %age Accuracy :
98.5+ on an average.

Normal Turnaround time :
8 to 24 hours, depending on client’s requirements.

Uploading time :
Daily as per agreed schedule.

Data Encryption before transfer via ftp over secure server. Maintenance of log files and digital signatures. Complete background check of employees before recruitment. Contract with employees and the client to protect confidentiality. In the process of adopting HIPAA

Software/ Reference Material
1. Word Processors: MS-Word 2000, WP for DOS and Windows. 2. Transcription Tools: Medical dictionary of Stedman’s, Webster’s English dictionary, Quick Look Electronic Drug Reference 3. Stedman’s words and phrases book series. 4. AAMT Book of Style. 5. A 24-hour online medical and English reference

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  • Myself Sumit Bhatter , From Sumit Enterprise and we are into corporate Gifts . Timely delivery, competitive price and customization is our forte . Being updated is the demand of the generation and websites serves as the face of your organization. It was around 3 weeks back when I contacted Mr. Gupta for my website requirement, in no time his coordinator called me up understood my requirement and with in 5 hrs he sent me a link which was really shocking for me as on opening the link I got the exact design and color tone which I was looking for my website. Even the minute changes were made in no time. I highly recommend Lee & Nee Software Pvt Ltd , and appreciate the entire team of LEE & NEE I am glad to meet Mr. Gupta at such platform of BNI , and I wish all the success for his future business endeavors.
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    Martin Roberts