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Some play with engaging texts and others implement awesome graphics.

But, the big players think beyond the norms of traditional website design. Casting aside content, the king, and digital marketing, the queen, they focus on a smarter strategy with something called ‘colour psychology.’

In many ways, this is like defying the age-old proverb of not judging a book by its cover. The cover, for these industry leaders, matters hugely! And once they have your attention, who the hell cares what’s written on their online platforms?

The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most.” – John Ruskin.

This is a wonderful technique, which should be implemented by every website design company in India. To make things more digestible, here is a list of top 5 companies who have made strategic use of colours to win viewers and customers all over the world:

# 1: KFC:


The website is a fiery red. And, the colour is a big stimulator of hunger. Red also has the capability to attract people very quickly. Remember how we highlight text in bold red while editing documents? Well, that’s for grabbing the quick attention of the person reading it.

Red, of course, is the colour of the interior of our bodies. In a way, it’s inside out, red.” – Anish Kapoor.

The site builders of KFC were smart enough to realise and implement this colour psychology. So far, so good!

# 2: Facebook:


They say Mark Zuckerberg opted for blue because he’s colour blind. We say it’s a huge marketing strategy. Other than the corporate meaning, which the colour applies, it also makes us feel safe.

Blue is the only colour which maintains its own character in all its tones.”- Raoul Dufy.

Blue also represents maturity and experience. What else can be a better shade for a social networking site, which is entirely dependent on the safety of its users?

# 3: Amazon:


Amazon sells A to Z products and extensively uses the colour orange, which is a shade lighter than red. So, if the latter is for hot, orange stands for warm. With warmth comes enthusiasm, friendliness and motivation.

These are the most needed aspects on any eCommerce platform, which encourages people to engage in activities, rather than pushing them for the same.

Orange is the happiest colour.” – Frank Sinatra.

If you do a bit of research, you’ll notice how orange is excessively applied to call-to-action buttons. It’s an amazing way of inviting people to buy a product, subscribe to updates or follow a brand readily.

# 4: Starbucks:


This coffeehouse chain has always taken pride in being ‘environmentally minded.’ Green is its colour – an ideal shade to maintain its claims. Another motive is to make people believe that the brand is ever youthful and manages a very fair, organic trade.

For Generation X, green was a colour. For Generation Y it is a lifestyle.” – Jamie Gutfreund.

Can you think of any other colour for Starbucks? We think a viridescent look is its best bet.

# 5: Google:


We kept Google for the last not because it’s the most important site on the list, but because it chose to be completely different in its approach toward colour psychology.

The tech giant decided to keep it simple…and white. But, the power of the colour is not to be underestimated. Ever!

White is not a mere absence of colour; it is a shining an affirmative thing, as fierce as red, as definitive as black.” – Gilbert K. Chesterton.

Yes, colour theorists still battle over whether white is a colour at all. But, whoever can challenge the impact of the world’s most popular and most visited site? The shade’s for clarity, spaciousness, breathability and above all, freedom. Well, at least that is what’s needed when we are Googling terms. Isn’t it so?

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Life is about using the whole box of crayons. So, which colour are you choosing for your site?

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