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What is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a technology that enables users to access and utilize computing resources, such as storage, processing power & software on the internet. It eliminates the need for local infrastructure & offers scalability, flexibility & cost – efficiency, allowing business to focus their core operations leveraging powerful computing capabilities.

Cloud Computing and IT Industry

Transition from On-premises to Cloud is happening at a very fast pace. Major ERP vendors are moving their applications to the cloud. A majority of Enterprises are strategically moving towards cloud and housing their applications ere. Companies moving to cloud computing are drastically reducing the amount they have to spend on maintaining and managing their IT Infrastructure. They can use the resources offered by cloud computing service providers instead of investing in expensive systems. It is easier for a business to collaborate in a cloud environment as it lets them communicate and share information easily.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Secure & Reliable


Higher Productivity

Scalable & Flexible

Enhance Collaboration

Cost Efficiency

Types of Cloud Deployments

The Hybrid Cloud Solution can help businesses enhance their flexibility, efficiency and will even let them expand in the future. They can enjoy more innovative opportunities to explore as high capital expenditure is not necessary.


The Private Cloud Solution can be hosted on-site or in a third-party data centre if it is a privately hosted environment. It is not a one-size fits all solution but can be customised according to your business requirements.


Public Cloud is the most popular cloud computing model as it offers extremely flexible pricing structure. Companies can save time as they are easy to set-up. They don’t have to worry about any maintenance cost as it is the cloud provider’s responsibility.

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