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What is Social Media Marketing?

In simple terms, Social Media Marketing can be explained as a seamless conversation. One end comprises your business, while the other consists of your potential customers. Being a target based marketing procedure, you can determine the ideal audience, and communicate with them across different platforms. It is an ongoing process of connecting with existing and future customers.
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Why do you need Social Media Marketing?

With a targeted approach, we aim to hit the right set of audience who can be your potential consumers.

How Can Effective Social Media Marketing Help Your Business?

Did you know?

The number of social media users worldwide grew by 320 million people from January 2023 to January 2024.

Social media marketing services

When you collaborate with us, you can expect a professional approach from our end. We have skilled, dedicated professionals who have knowledge of unique strategies for social media marketing. Rather than just managing your online presence, we focus on creating long term opportunities.

Get efficient support from our team to grow your brand online. Explore the impact of different types of social media platforms where we show our expertise:


Facebook is a leading social media platform that eases your connection with your audience and helps promote business with engaging content, boosted posts and creative ads.


Facebook is a leading social media platform that eases your connection with your audience and helps promote business with engaging content, boosted posts and creative ads.

X (Twitter)

It is a fast paced virtual platform that enables a quick delivery of messages to a wider audience. You can access customer support and connect with your business to measure your brand personality.


It is the most popular B2B Social Media Platforms in the market. You must use this platform if you want to collaborate with the top decision makers in large companies. Increase brand visibility through carefully curated content and boosting brand visibility.


The power of YouTube to increase a business is undermined. It is a vast platform where you can share content and boost your business’s online presence. YouTube also helps you gain exposure to your products and services.


The importance of Google Business profile or Google My Business is widely known by various businesses who focus on local business. It can provide key information to the users, which they can utilise in Search Engine Result Page.
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How do we work?
At Lee & Nee, we follow a systematic process to ensure effective results in your Social Media Marketing campaigns. Here, you can find our detailed SMM Process:

Consultation and Goal Setting

This is the initial stage of our SMM Campaign, where we will understand your target audience. You can also brief us about the campaign objective and the budget.

Researching Audience and Finding Suitable Platform

After a well-researched analysis of target demographics, we will choose the social media platforms suitable for your marketing campaign.

Content Strategy and Creation

Upon determining the SMM campaign type, our professionals will select and work on a content strategy.

Community Engagement and Management

During the ongoing campaign, we prioritise community interaction through comments and direct messaging.

Paid Advertising and Promotion

Upon gaining all information about your brand, we implement the most suitable promotion strategy for your business on social media platforms.

Analytics and Reporting

Our Social Media Marketing team keeps you updated with proper analytics and regular reporting about the state of your campaign.
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It’s true that society has become more socialised. In fact, social media accounts for thirty percent of all time spent online—and counting. Social networking is the best technique to reach a wider audience. We can assist you whether your goal is sponsored content, brand recognition, or both!
Posts are pieces of material you publish on social media for the natural audience of your followers. An advertisement is a sponsored post that uses demographics and interests to target those who aren’t among your followers. Since the majority of social media algorithms restrict how many followers may naturally view your company’s material, we advise boosting significant or pertinent posts to increase the likelihood that more people will see them. An excellent sign that a post needs to be promoted is if it performs well naturally. Investing in it will expand its reach if it’s performing well already.
In a nutshell, it depends. Facebook is a terrific place to start, but we want to get to know each customer personally. Because every brand is different, choosing the platform or platforms to dedicate time to depends on a number of criteria, including your target audience’s location, the goods and/or services your company offers, and your desired outcomes.
Do you still have queries about Social Media Marketing? Don't worry! The experts in marketing at Lee & Nee will gladly examine your brand in depth and assist you in determining the most effective strategies to make use of Social Media Marketing.