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Partner with us and spark business conversations through emails.

Do you know how Email marketing has become a boon to boost sales?

Are you planning to reach a larger audience for your marketing campaigns? Are you drowning out potential customers with generic emails? We are here to solve all of your objectives and support you to get the outcomes that you need.
We use automation services and send out unique emails about your marketing campaigns that would be impossible to do alone.
Email marketing services can help you get a high conversion rate and a high ROI.

Do you have many passive subscribers?

Use email marketing services from LNSEL to turn them all into your happy customers!

What do top email marketers do?

We make sure that your customers get the targeted emails you want them to read.
We dont blast out emails; we craft customised emails to turn clicks into buyers.
Say no to guesswork and target your customers with the right type of email.

Email marketing service - How does it work?

Select the audience and set goals

We consult with the client and set up the demography of the ideal receivers or target customers for the client’s business. We also learn about the campaign’s purpose to create the mail successfully.

Choose the email marketing campaign

Depending on the information, we’ll let the client choose the correct email marketing platform.

Determine the campaign type

What is the CTA of the target customers? What kind of promotional strategy do you want for your customers? Let us know, and we’ll draft the email accordingly.

Build a list of email receivers

Now, we’ll build a list of email receivers and ensure that everyone you want is included.

Customise the list

Do you want to create a unique subgroup of target customers and send them a customised message? We’ll create segmented groups within the email list for personalised email campaigns.

Draft the email content

Now is the time to create the most engaging and brand-enhancing content we will send to the group on the list.
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Email Marketing is the use of emails to advertise a company’s goods and services and to reward repeat business. You may inform the clients on your email list about new goods, special offers, and other services by using email marketing. Educating your audience about the worth of your brand or keeping them interested in between transactions may also be a softer sell.
Both the short and lengthy answers are still in yes. One of the best methods to communicate with customers directly is through email marketing. You don’t have to play the social media waiting game, where you just sit back and wait for the consumer to find you. You may start a call to action by going straight to the source using email marketing. It is the second-most important factor in consumer acquisition, behind organic search. Yes, it’s still effective; it’s permission-based, configurable, quantifiable, and has the widest reach.
As frequently as you are able to without annoying your clients. While maintaining high levels of engagement, some organisations may choose to send emails only once a week, while others may choose to send them every day. It will take some trial and error to get this right; start off slowly and gradually increase the frequency of your emails to observe how your clients react.
Emails should be just the right length to deliver your message, but not so short that readers become disinterested or assume you’re not trying hard enough. A research conducted by Boomerang suggests that the ideal word count would be between 50 and 125. Since most consumers only read emails for 20 seconds or less, make sure the most important information and the call to action are at the top, where they will be noticed right away.
By segmenting your email lists, you can improve open and click rates, target the correct audiences, and provide the right promotions. Personalised emails prompt more consumer involvement, according to 74% of marketers, while segmented and targeted emails may boost revenue by 58%. Segmenting your email lists increases interaction and produces higher-quality communications than blasting out a bunch of emails and hoping someone opens them.
Do you still have queries about Email Marketing? Don’t worry! The experts in marketing at Lee & Nee will gladly examine your brand in depth and assist you in determining the most effective strategies to make use of Email Marketing.