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About Rukmini Devi Shivchandran Foundation:

Rukmanidevi Charitable Trust is a non-governmental, non-profitable institution with the aim of helping the poor and needy in the form of education support for the orphaned children, food and medical aids for the destitute and old aged people in orphanages in the best possible manner. They carry out this yeomen service with the help of kind hearted, sympathetic and who are willing to help such poor and destitute.


Dataar is an online crowdfunding platform that enables anyone across India to raise funds for healthcare, education, sports, disaster relief and other personal causes. Dataar also enables donors to get directly connected with the donees.
The app allows the donee to put their wish list items (non-monetary) and it showcases the wish lists of donees to donors and if a donor wishes to donate, the app follows a matching concept and helps the donor to get directly connected with the donee, thus enabling 100 % transparency.
The app is built on a hybrid platform as React Native and can run on both Android and iOS.

Challenges faced by client:

The main challenge was to collect funds from interested donors. There were a number of categories for donation. It was becoming a problem for the donees to reach out to the donors with the number of donation categories every time they were looking for a fund. Getting donor details & tracking of the funds received were also becoming problems for them. Apart from this, generating a manual payment receipt was another huge issue for both the donors and the donees.

Benefits from ERP Solution

For Donors :

For Donee :


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