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When you opt for search engine optimization, you obviously do it for certain reasons and there is no doubt that the main reason behind such step is that you want to see your web page at the very top rank while being searched by any kind of search engine like Yahoo, Bing or Google. Now, SEO is not such a task that will end just in a second! You need to take recourse to certain strategies that will help you achieve the desired results in a real short notice. Link building is one of such techniques that are aimed at enhancing the quality and number of inbound links to a website.

Lnsel - Golden Rules of Link Building for 2015

What is link building?

Link building is  considered as the most challenging part of an SEO’s job, is also deemed to be the most vital part to success. When it comes to building links, it truly requires a considerable amount of creativity as well as budget. Several experiments with numbers of researches have been done and it is found that there is at least a minimum difference between two link building campaigns. No two movements are same and the way you prefer the links to be built depends upon your web page as well as on your personality. Mainly there are three different types of link acquisitions including natural editorial links, manual outstretch links and self-created non editorial links.

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Here are few link building rules:

  • Natural links are those which are posted naturally by sites that want to create a link to your company as well as contents. No specific actions are required on these links. All you need to do is create some great contents and a great awareness of the same.
  • Manual links are created by SEO experts by submitting sites to various directories or emailing the bloggers for links. Explaining the target of the link in a proper manner, the SEOs seem to create a value suggestion and elucidate why forming such links is in their great interest.
  • Self-created links are those links that can be created through forum signatures, user profiles, blog comments or guest book signings. There are numbers of websites that offer visitors to create such links and although, these links are seen to propound the lowest value, still it’s an undeniable fact that these links truly have some impact for certain sites. Generally, search engines happen to disparage most of these types of links and are also known to reprimand sites that follow these links severely. Nowadays, such links are deemed to be as spam ones and should be trailed with much caution.
  • What matters a lot in search engine ranking algorithm is link velocity – the rate at which you obtain links. Now, in case, you happen to produce more links than you are required to and that too you do it before your web page has been tracked by search engine as a unswerving one, the chance of your web site to acquire triggering penalties increases even more which can land your website in the Google sand box at any point of time.
  • There are also certain points of time, when you think of going to buy links; but, you should always be cautious of using paid links, as you have to keep in mind that passing Page Rank always has a greater significance in order to bang your competitors in the SERPs. It’s always suggested to stick to those link building efforts that have been proved to be safe enough and accord to several benefits apart from simple rankings boost.

What you should always remember is that if you continue developing links on a random basis, it will certainly be perceived as quite unnatural. Creating a plethora of links and letting your promotional activities remain stagnant for a considerable period of time does not actually make any kind of sense. Rather, what you should do is build your links taking enough time in your hand, so that the overall growth of your site sees a steady graph.

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