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How Beneficial Is An ERP Solution For Educational Institutes?

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“Our educational institutes have promptly jumped from the ‘under-the-banyan-tree’ concept to the ‘inside-the-four-walls’ one, haven’t they? Well, this is a glimpse of progress, which is still on.”

However, the rapidity has been vigorous of late. Technology has engulfed us all. The simple ways of education, too, have turned intricate, and all the colleges and universities are busy organising and managing their own campus.


In other words, every educational institute of today is preoccupied with the idea of having a single, comprehensive and integrated resource point, which can connect all the aspects that are thriving under the roof of its campus, and sometimes even beyond.

Modern man has termed it the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. It offers a suite of applications, which the institute can use to collect, store, manage and interpret relevant data.

And, THIS is how the software is assisting in making the world of knowledge a better place:

  • Quick Management:

Say, you are supposed to look for a certain report of attendance. Would you want to hunt the entire heap of registers just for the sake of one report? Well, it already sounds tiring. However, with the ERP software, you can simply log onto the dashboard and retrieve whatever information is needed.


The software lets you filter your search as per the specific data you need. In short, you are enjoying a quick management procedure, which is making your tasks easier. So, hell yes to this amazing suite of applications!

  • Cost Effective:

Imagine the loads of money you have been spending on the institute just for buying stationery items. Paper, ink, pens – everything that you purchase to manage office activities needs refilling. And, this is exactly where the ERP software can bring about budget friendliness.


Ditch refilling and carry out the activities online. Trust the power of cloud computing, and use the information software to ‘enter, save and edit’ data, which otherwise would have been written on some blank paper wasting ink.

  • Organised and Secure Data:

Remember the heap of report registers? Will be not be more convenient if we had a magic trick to organise everything within the snap of the finger?


Well, the ERP solution for educational institutes works in a way alike. It helps you organise all the data the way you want. The information can be managed well and easily retrieved whenever needed. Moreover, the biggest benefit is, data is available within the single click of a mouse.

Another thing to consider is, the data stored in web servers is always safer than that stocked physically within the campus on old, dusty shelves. All the information can be preserved and restored, too, using the backup systems of the software.

  • Automated Administration:

Machines and software don’t commit mistakes, humans do. In other words, the entire administration, when automated can run flawlessly without using a huge human resource.


For instance, processes like managing admissions, keeping a record of all the books in the library, tracking fee collection, and even listing down the names of alumni are very much prone to errors if done manually.

    However, when overseen by the automated ERP software, the inconveniences are cut down remarkably and the records are managed to perfection.

End note:

Thus, Enterprise Resource Planning for educational institutes is revolutionising the way the campuses are managed and run. It is helping the management bodies focus more on quality education rather than record keeping.

This changing face of administration is beautiful, don’t you think?