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How to Optimise Your eCommerce Website for Modern Buyers?

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Why do some online shopping sites get more visitors than others? What makes you recommend a particular e-shop and avoid another?

This definitely is the era of eCommerce. But, not ever cyber store is competent enough. And given the mood swings of search engines, it is high time you optimized the look of your sole digital property for better visibility, better customer conversion, and not to mention, greater ROI.

Now, there are websites, and then, there are eCommerce sites.

A good UX for the latter is like its exclusive source of Oxygen. If it’s ugly and interesting, revenue will not be generated and sales will drop. Don’t blame your marketing and sales team because it’s the design’s fault. It needs some thorough styling to keep up with the impatient world of today.

Here are some cool ways to perform a little makeover on your cyber store and inspire buyers to come shop on it:

Make the navigation simple:

How does an eCommerce platform help people scan menus, find products, and filter searches? The answer is, with its navigation.

Now, would you ever visit that departmental store in your locality if you have to walk a muddy path? Would you like it if the products are lying haphazardly inside the store with no directions given at all?

Definitely not! Instead, you would prefer to shop somewhere more peaceful. Like this one:

This is also true for the navigation of online shopping sites. It should be like an ‘arms wide open’ invitation, rather than a reluctant request. Tell your customers how they are about to have an awesome experience shopping on your site.

Make use of your analytics and see how visitors roam about in your website. Come up with strategies on how to guide them through the site. Include navigation links, submenus, and design elements. But, take care not to clutter the page and confuse visitors.

If there’s a hot cake selling, you must talk about it:

People are easily attracted to bestsellers. If a certain product on your site sells more than all other products, then it definitely deserves a mention. A popular item is likely to swing back into sale every time.  So, in one way, it is smart to highlight it in your homepage to encourage more visitors to buy it.

Take a look at how Gainwell Travel markets its platform. From ‘hot deals’ to ‘best ever offers’ to ‘best selling categories,’ it speaks about the hot cakes it has, in every possible way.

The content that you provide should be updated and unique:

‘Blah blah’ will not make visitors stay on your site, let alone inspire them to make up their mind about a purchase. So, provide content which is meaningful, beautiful, unique, and updated.

Visitors should drool over the products rather than flip through them lifelessly. For instance, if you are selling clothes, you must provide a brief description about each product, its colour variety, material, and incredibility.

Look at how drapeethnic does it:

This outfit that you are selling should be something of modern trend and taste. If you are selling a pretty dress, you can try linking it with a matching pair of shoes, shades or a nice, chic bag. What say?

And, about bad products, it is important to present them in a lust-worthy way, too. Your ultimate goal is to kindle interest in your visitors’ heart. You must do it in every way possible.

Lastly, don’t forget responsive design:

Because Google’s already announced Mobilegeddon, you should absolutely attempt to make your website mobile-friendly. However, entirely neglecting desktop and laptop users might not be a very good decision.

So, choose a responsive design instead. Pick a large-width layout so that the use of horizontal space is luxurious. Make use of this awesome stage the Internet has provided, like this one, from sabjiwalakolkata.com:

And remember, static design is a thing of yesteryear. The way you optimize your eCommerce website will direct how people take it. Well, that’s how it works these days.