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Mobilegeddon- The Latest Mobile-Friendly Update by Google

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Google has released a mobile friendly algorithm on April 21, 2015 that’s intended to improve mobile friendly pages in search results. This major change is known by many names such as mobilegeddon, mobilepocalyse, and mopocalypse. Google wants your website to be mobile friendly by using latest mobile-friendly tools.

Mobile-Friendly Update

Mobile search queries would gradually leave behind desktop queries which were confirmed by the Google employees last year. Google explains how it happened.

According to Google, maximum searches occur on mobile devices compared to desktops in more than ten countries which include United States and Japan. Google informs that there was almost 4.7% increase in mobile friendly websites in the month of March and April as an effect of mobile friendly update in 2009.

Before we go to the deeper idea of mobile friendly content, it is very important to take note of these three things which is mentioned below:

Mobile-Friendly Update

Business losing user attention in SERP owing to non mobile friendly websites

Maximum people prefer to use mobile than computers whenever they are browsing internet. If the website is not mobile friendly and takes more time to load, it will affect the search rankings drastically. In certain queries, listings rank superior in mobile phones search than computers probably because the website which was ranked higher formerly is not mobile friendly.

Mobile Rankings and Desktop Rankings have never differed So Much

In 2011, the most popular and eminent Moz’s co-founder Rand Fishkin was uncertain about the growth of mobile SEO. He predicted that both mobile ranking and desktop ranking would unite which would eradicate the need of mobile friendly website. But it has turned out to be just the opposite as the search results and queries are deviating in due course. The smartphones can easily browse the same content that can be accessed in desktops. Smartphone search results and desktop search results aren’t the same any more. This has probably begun before this recent updates.

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Mobile-Friendly Update

Back in June 2014, the reports given by Bright Edge showed that mobile search were almost 62% different compared to desktop results. As per the report given by SEO Clarity, the percentage has increased to 67%. After the recent update of mobilegeddon the mobile search has increased up to 73.1 %. However, the latest reports show that it has become stable with 69% at present.

Optimize Your Site for Multiple Screens

If you want your business turnover to increase rapidly, then consider optimizing your website for multiple screens. If you are thinking that the recent update would change- it’s not going to happen so fast. Mobilegeddon is a new start with new updates coming soon. With the increasing number of people using smartphones than computers, it has become a must to introduce your business to a bigger platform. As long as the people continue to use mobilephones to search anything, Google will emphasize more on the searches and endeavor to give users smooth experience.

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How Lnsel Can Help You with Mobilegeddon?

With our premium web development services, our webmasters can help you to build a responsive website designs to help the users to browse the products or services from any device. Our development team update themselves with the changing protocols set by Google. Websites that are mobile friendly can benefit their business on a long run and is a good asset for your online business.