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Need Android App Development In Kolkata? First Check 5 Fun Facts

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With smartphones and tablets becoming an integral part of our daily life, the importance of mobile apps is also gradually enhancing. Though there are numerous android app developers scattered all over Kolkata, it is always advisable to hire someone with years of industry presence. This will give you the assurance that they will be completely dedicated and focused while developing the app for your business.

They possess updated technical knowledge and specialisation necessary to develop mobile applications without exceeding your budget. The right professional can even share with you a few fun facts about android app development which will enhance your interest in it.

Few Fun Facts About Android App Development You Will Love Reading

  • Most Apps Are Eventually Deleted

Not every business owner hiring android apps developers is aware of the fact that users generally delete an app if it is incapable of proving its worth within the first three days. This is why hiring the right professional for the job is more important than you think. There are hundreds of apps in the Apple store which have never been downloaded or have been deleted immediately after being downloaded.

  • The Popularity Of Tablet Is Enhancing

According to a survey conducted recently, tablet sales are expected to exceed PC sales within the next few years. This is why it is high time for business owners to ensure that their android apps have been developed with a focus on the tablet market. It is always advisable to develop a responsive app which can perceive the screen size and orientation of the user before changing its layout.

  • Most App Developers Prefer iOS

Though there are numerous platforms through which mobile apps can be developed, android apps developers in Kolkata generally prefer iOS. This is primarily because learning more about this platform is easier when compared with the Android operating system. Since mobile apps have almost become the current trend, the importance of iOS is also increasing.

  • Advertisements Help An App To Increase Its Revenue

Though apps have been deriving its revenue from advertisements for years, the revenue statistics is expected to grow drastically by the year-end. This is why almost every mobile app development company has started considering this reality when creating a new product. Developers willing to generate income can start utilising the ad revenue.

  • App Development Is Increasing Employment Opportunities

The app economy has been capable of creating thousands of jobs in the last few years as it not only about app development but also comprises of numerous ancillary industries. The overall app development, advertising and customised services have increased the employment opportunities even further. Currently, there are around 19 million software developers in the world with 50% of them creating mobile apps.

If the fun facts about android app development stated above have enhanced your interest in it, it’s high time for you to start looking for a reliable company offering the service in Kolkata.