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What is The Importance of Keyword Research for Business?

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What’s the big deal about researching keywords? Well, does your natural SEO sense tell you which keywords would be the most suitable for your business? If not, let me get you the real scoop. Without relevant and quality keywords found through effective, online keyword research, your campaigns (whether paid or organic) will be of little to no use. If people are not using the keywords selected by you, they are simply useless. Also, prospects won’t find your ads on organic listings and thus won’t visit your site and be converted into a paying customer. Then again, if the selected keywords you are trying to bid on are much popular, you may face hard time in getting on SERP.

People use Google or other search engines to find content or website. But how do they do? Well, with the help of KEYWORDS. Choosing the right keywords is important to Optimize Your Website for Multiple Keywords. They are the building stones of a business.

What is Keyword Research?

It is the process to discover search query strings that visitors use while looking for information on any particular topic. The process also describes how frequently those query strings or keywords are used. Keyword research is an effective way to find fresh and relevant keywords to expand online (paid and organic) marketing campaigns.

Why is Keyword Research Important?

Google, the search engine giant processes over 5.5 billion search queries per day and that’s an entire lot of keywords. Global economy is running more on Internet. Businesses that don’t have online presence have hard time to thrive. Online business is the future of any business and keyword research is the stepping stone to understand the buyers’ journey.

For the digital marketers, following are the 3 key areas where keyword research is inevitable.

  • For Enhanced Content Strategy – You know it very well that content and SEO go together. Without proper content on your site, SEO won’t be successfully run. Effective and successful content strategy starts with keyword research – it throws light on to what people want and what they need. Every single piece of content on your website has to be focused on and around a keyword that maintains proper balance between search volume and competition.

  • For Strong SEO – The first and foremost reason behind keyword research is organic search optimization. SEO (search engine optimization) helps search engines, especially Google bots to crawl and index your site to rank higher on the SERPs, organically. And the key way through which the search engines determine what to rank is by crawling for the keywords that show maximum relevance between the search query and the content on the site.

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  • For Paid Campaign – Digital marketers consider content and SEO while referring to keyword research. This is true for paid campaigns too. Be it display ads, paid search ads, social media campaigns or remarketing – every strategy should be keyword-focused. Paid search basically requires you to bid on individual keywords as they make up ad groups, which in turn make up campaigns. If the keywords you’ve chosen have low search volume, your ads are likely to get little to no traction.

So to conclude, it may be said that keyword research is the inevitable part of any digital search marketing campaign.