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Google Ads Vs. Facebook Ads – Know The Difference Before Implementing

Google ads and Facebook ads are the two prominent branches of pay-per-click marketing governing the online advertising market. Google encounters more than 8.5 billion searches daily, whereas Facebook currently has around 3.5 billion active users. Although both platforms stand opposite each other as rivals in the digital marketing industry, both Google ads and FB ads […]

4 Powerful SMB Marketing Strategies To Market Every Small Business

Do you wish to implement a marketing strategy which actually works for your small business? Are you on the lookout for options which can get you the most for your money and time? Fret not! Implementing a few effective SMB marketing strategies is all you need to do to boost your business. When it comes to […]

Time To Check The Latest SEO Techniques and Strategies For 2018!

With digitization becoming the latest trend, enhancing the online presence of your business has become more important than you think. Whatever is the size of your business, implementing the latest SEO techniques and strategies is a must if you are willing to improve the optimization of your business website. If you think that bringing your […]

Why Every Small Business Needs Online Marketing for Their Growth

When it comes to marketing, more and more local businesses are now competing with national and international brands with their limited budgets. Online marketing, nowadays, is much more than just having an attractive website for a company. Both small and big businesses need to have a strong online presence for attracting their target audience. Wondering […]

Time To Manage Your Online Reputation and SEO Through SMO Services

If you are a business owner or an SEO expert, you must definitely be aware of the fact that the importance of social media marketing can never be denied. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of people availing the service. It has become the latest focus of online marketing mainly because its […]

How Crucial Is It To Bid On Your Brand Names For Search Ads?

There are so many advertisers who have contributed to the concept of bidding on brand terms. The idea has been a huge hit. Still and all, there are people who question the effectiveness of it. They are still in doubts about the practice and its incrementality. And, they believe that the paid ads are going […]