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Google Ads Vs. Facebook Ads – Know The Difference Before Implementing

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Google ads and Facebook ads are the two prominent branches of pay-per-click marketing governing the online advertising market. Google encounters more than 8.5 billion searches daily, whereas Facebook currently has around 3.5 billion active users. Although both platforms stand opposite each other as rivals in the digital marketing industry, both Google ads and FB ads have their own benefits.

Both are significant drivers of online business. Do you have a limited amount of money designated for online ads? Which is the best online advertising method? To know the best fit for your clients, know the differences between both methods.

Difference between Google Ads and FB ads

Google Ads are a part of paid search where the client is paying Google to have the business listed on the SERP. On the contrary, FB ads are paid social media ads. Here, the clients pay Facebook to get their business into the limelight on the social media platform.

Since Google has a better reach, paying for Google ads is a more feasible decision than investing money in social media ads. To know more about the differences, read on.


  • Size of the audience

    Both platforms have enormous reach. To select the best ad platform, you need to check the type of service or product your client plans to advertise. Only if the target audience for the promotion is active on FB can you opt for FB ads. Otherwise, a Google ad is a feasible option as it reaches all audiences regardless of type and location.

  • Buying motivation

Consider the type of business the client has before finalising the ad platform you choose.  For instance, an FB ad with attractive visuals is a good option if your client has a beauty salon service. On the other hand, if your client offers electronic repair service, a simple Google ad with a service listing is enough.

  • Format of ad

Facebook is a more creative platform than Google. Posting FB ads helps the client build better brand value and customer loyalty. On the contrary, if you’re using Google ads as the platform, you can post the ad within a limited space. Moreover, unlike Google ads in FB ads, visual images can be posted, which instantly impacts the audience’s mind.


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