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Debunk The Android App Development Myths Before Approaching A Developer

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With advancement in technology, the popularity of smartphones and Android apps are gradually enhancing. If your company is developing, you too need an android app development strategy so that your business can enter the competitive web market easily. Though iOS development is also quite common, the lower cost of Android devices has made Android-based apps more popular. If you too want to reap its benefits, it’s time you debunk the myths surrounding app development and start looking for a reliable company offering the service.

Android App Development And The Myths

The biggest myth surrounding android app development is that anybody can develop an app for your company. If you want to have complete peace of mind, ensure that the app developer you are approaching has adequate knowledge about Java, software development kit and prior experience in developing and installing similar Android-specific software. They also have to devote adequate time to the process of understanding your business needs and delivering your android app is quite complicated and long.

3 Common Myths About Android App Development In India Have Been Debunked

  • “Developing An Android App Is Cheaper Than The Other Platforms”

Though Android is an open source, it does not necessarily mean that anyone can easily create an app. The market is booming with more than millions of Android devices and so developers need a lot of effort to manage even just one UI on all the devices. How much to have to pay for the app is dependent on the company you are approaching and how complicated the app is. If it is a high-end android app with numerous features and functionalities, the cost of developing it will definitely be higher.

  • “You Don’t Need The Developer After The App Is Launched”

If you think that the only responsibility of android app developers in Kolkata is to develop an app and push it into the play store, just debunk the myth. Though launching the app is one of the primary tasks of these professionals, almost every app needs uninterrupted maintenance and improvements if you want them to stay longer and stronger in the market. It is the responsibility of your developers to render constant care to the app even after it is being launched so that they can maintain, do the bug fixing and add new features as and when required.

  • “You Can Develop An App Just By Implementing Your Ideas”

Whether you are willing to develop an app for an Android device or other mobile app platforms, you need a feasible app development idea. Let the android development company in India you are approaching shoulder the entire responsibility of performing the feasible check before implementing their idea. This also helps in ensuring the resource and time required so that you can understand whether the idea you are planning to implement is worth attempting. A market analysis also helps in understanding the true potentiality of the app.

Since the common myths about android app development have been debunked, it’s time you start looking for a reliable company in India offering the service at affordable prices.