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A Few Important Effective Web Design Tips

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There is no dearth of web design tips on the Internet. Many people leave their opinions regarding how a perfect website should look like.

Design is often subjective in most cases to a particular extent because another may not like what one likes. Nevertheless, web design is one of the most significant factors contributing to the success of a site and thus business.

In fact, a company’s credibility is often judged by its official site. So proper web development Kolkata is a must. It plays an important role in influence bounce rate, conversion and so on.

Here are some absolutely efficient sure-fire effective web design tips

  • Site speed should be an absolute priority – There are debates regarding different matters in the web design sphere. But as it comes to website speed, everyone opines the same. Speed is the most important thing in terms of web design as it controls everything from bounce rate and conversion to user satisfaction and revenue generation. Visitors won’t stick around a slow site. And as users care, Google and other search engines factor page loading speed of a website into a ranking. So, it is required that you take proper care in order to make your site faster.
  • Implement Hick’s Law – According to this law, more options a person has, the longer he/she will take for decision making. This comes appropriate in the case of the website as well. You can boost conversion by restricting options. You can limit the choices in respect of form fields, the number of menu items, the number of social buttons, etc. Be focused on a single call to action and sticking to only one goal per webpage.
  • Keep the things easy and simple – Theme of less also goes well with the overall website design. Visitors avoid complexities. So the more complicated the design is, the less it would be liked by the visitors. In order to keep the design simple, you may consider the implementation of the following ideas.
  • Continue with the standard layout – People feel comfortable with the standard layout; they rather avoid anything non-standard. Therefore, it would be good to apply familiar design layouts.
  • Consider sidebar – Many websites tend to ditch the idea of the sidebar and accept the single-column design. It ensures less distraction so the visitors can remain focused on the content only.
  • Give scrolling more importance than over clicking – If you don’t want to compress information into accordions or sliders, how would you represent it? Well, you can put them on a single long page as recommended by a reputable developer of Android development in India. Don’t avoid including the stuff typically tucked away. It works really well. People love scrolling more as revealed by different studies and surveys than that of clicking. And thus, if you are in need to spread information about your products or services across different pages, this is the high time to consider.
  • Use people in images – However, don’t use stock photos. Include people in images to grab direct attention. People love being connected to other people, both in real life and in the web world. But to avoid legal issues, avoid using images from the stocks. Make sure you use real and genuine images. You can use images of your customers and your employees. But say NO to stocks.

And these are the few effective tips following which you can design a great website.