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In today’s search engine-driven market, SEO or search engine optimization is perhaps the most useful way to drive more traffic to a website sans spending a lot towards advertisements. And this feature of SEO comes even handier for small businesses with a strict budget. They can, however, hire a reputable SEO service in India to manage the SEO matters on their behalf. SEO is the method of structuring a site to bring more traffic via an organic search that is only possible by having higher search engine rankings and creating superior quality, captivating content.

But optimizing a website all alone and all at once is simply daunting, particularly for the small entrepreneurs who have a lot to do. So they need something easy, less-expensive and fast. And here are a few little yet effective tips that can transform organic traffic significantly.

Keep track of the changes

Irrespective of what SEO tips you apply, you should keep track of every single and trivial change. Let’s do this:

  • Decide on a standard to monitor the traffic. It might be, for example, product purchase, keyword ranking, newsletter sign-ups or percentage of returning traffic.
  • Use at least one of the popular SEO tools to help you get a higher rank on Google and monitor the progress.
  • Avoid applying so many changes at a time. Otherwise, you won’t understand if your technique is working.

Create a proper website structure

It hardly matters how many SEO tips you have applied on your site unless you have a structured website ensuring that the search engine crawlers can easily crawl and the visitors can easily navigate. For small businesses with recently launched websites, structured website means maintaining a hierarchy including,

  • Page
  • Category
  • Sub-category
  • Internal linking to reaffirm website structure
  • Heading

According to leading SEO service in India, both search engine crawlers and human visitors love hierarchy. Having a structured site accomplishes two basic objectives – 1. Crawlers can understand the content on the website easily and quickly, and thus they rank the site accordingly. 2. Visitors easily navigate through the site and feel likely to stay on the site longer, buy from it and return in future.

Delete things that slow down the speed

One of the major and important SEO tips for having and preserving organic traffic is speeding up the site. Site speed is a key factor to determine website ranking.  So the business owners must cut down all the elements that significantly slow down the speed of their site. Slow speed equals to decreased traffic.  Here are some useful tips to improve the speed of your site:

  • Compressing big images
  • Avoiding the use of JavaScript
  • Removing redundant CSS elements

Make your site mobile-friendly

In recent times, mobile traffic outpaced desktop traffic. So you can understand the significance of making your site mobile-friendly. You must be careful and attentive about creating and designing a responsive mobile site even if you are building it on a desktop or laptop.

Optimizing a site in the right way is a huge undertaking for the business owners. But they don’t need to do all at once. It would be better to concentrate on the key tips mentioned above and address issues one after another.

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