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Excited About Magento 2? Time To Know A Bit More About It

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Every company migrating their e-commerce site or web shop to Magento 2 will agree to the fact that it is not just a leading e-commerce platform but also offers the strongest technological foundation your brand needs for future growths. The latest version of Magento has some of the most advanced features which have addressed the dilemma in the mind of the e-commerce owners whether or not should they upgrade to Magento 2.

The best person to answer all your queries regarding this platform is a Magento web development expert. They are aware of the fact that improving the modularity and performance of a web shop is the primary focus of every owner. Few more reasons why you should be excited about Magento 2 have been stated below.

Top 4 Reasons Why E-Commerce Owners Love Magento 2

  • SEO- Friendly And Mobile Responsive

With an advancement in technology, contemporary online shoppers prefer using their mobile devices to perform online transactions. Magento 2 has a responsive front-end design which makes it easier for you to deliver your customers an intuitive shopping experience irrespective of the device they are using. Migrate to the latest platform to make your site responsive and improve your site’s ranking in SERPs.

  • Faster Platform For Greater User Experience

The flat and minimalist new UX not only ensures a great user experience but the latest Magento version is much quicker than the previous ones which help in loading your web shop quickly. The performance of your site improves and you can even enjoy more sales as the stores load quickly. The touch sensitiveness and other new features let your customers use it on any mobile device. You just need to drag and drop elements if you are willing to create editorial templates.

  • Easy Catalog Management

Upgrade to Magento 2 and you will notice that managing all your products has become easier. All you need to do is to select a picture of your product and put some text. It will get automatically added to your catalog. You have the freedom to add around 15000 products under 500 categories and more. Even if there’s no extension, a store using this platform can handle more than 1 lakh page views per hour. Managing your catalog will become better if you choose to use an extension or customize it.

  • More Scalable And Enhanced Performance

When the performance of your e-commerce site improves, you will notice that more users are interacting with your e-store and the number of abandoned carts have lowered. The time taken for a page to load in Magento 2 is a lot faster than the previous versions. According to a survey conducted recently, web stores using Magento 2 can handle almost 40% more orders every hour. No wonder, they can help you manage millions of page views efficiently and handle a lot more traffic.

Since all these benefits of Magento 2 are sufficient to make any e-commerce owner excited about this CMS, it’s time you too deliver your online customers a seamless shopping experience.