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Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Site To Magento 2 Now

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You will come across a few e-commerce owners who feel that upgrading their site to Magento 2 has helped them a great deal in serving their customers better as the platform offers numerous new opportunities, features and innovations. If you really want to know whether this information is true, understanding the difference between Magento 1 and Magento 2 is a must.

You don’t have to rush and upgrade to the latest version if you don’t notice any problematic features in your e-commerce site, is currently running smoothly, capable of generating orders and revenue smoothly and not operating under an outdated version. But if you are one of those business owners who believe in long-term goals, immediately upgrade your site to Magento 2 and get rid of any sort of performance issue in your site, implement better modifications and start another e-commerce business.

8 New Things You Will Find In Magento 2 And Should Upgrade Sooner Or Later

  1. Scalable Which Improves Site’s Performance
    According to a study conducted a few years back, if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load or if the size of the page is more than 3 MB, there are high chances for you to lose a huge amount of traffic. The time taken by a site using Magento 2 to load is much faster than it took for the older version. Earlier, the standard time span was 2 to 3 seconds but with the latest version, it takes less than 1.5 seconds to load the product page, category page and homepage, even if they have not used the frontend cache.
  2. SEO Friendly And Responsive
    Magento 2 has a responsive frontend design which makes it easier for your online customers to browse your e-commerce site in almost every device. A mobile responsive site will definitely turn out to be beneficial as far as search engine optimization is concerned. This is because Google’s algorithms officially favour mobile friendly websites while ranking them. A responsive device even improves the experience of your user.
  3. Easy Checkout
    A streamlined checkout or an easy process of checkout is what separates Magento 2 from Magento 1. Customers can complete the checkout not only easily but also quickly. They can checkout as guests without registration which helps them to save time. Magento 2 uses the email address of the customers to identify who are registered and let others checkout as guests. The checkout process has been simplified further and allows customers to register themselves after completing the checkout.
  4. Elasticsearch
    The latest Magento Enterprise Edition, user experience has improved simultaneously with the quality of searches, all thanks to Elasticsearch. It is capable of handling around 33 languages. Even the Magento Core Developers can now rely on Elasticsearch for future developments.
  5. More Than One Master Databases
    One of the problems customers had to face when browsing through a site with Magento 1 is straining of the platform from the admin site. This generally happened due to the overloaded database as developers and website administrators used the same database present in the e-commerce website. The advanced Magento 2 Enterprise Edition has 3 separate databases for checkout, order management and product data. This prevents the shopping experience of your customers from getting affected due to order management or merchandising activities.
  6. Easy Navigation And Modern Admin Dashboard
    If you want an admin dashboard where you can find every vital business information about your e-commerce store in some place, it’s high time you upgrade to Magento 2. Its intuitive and sophisticated interface let one assess the current condition of their business without much effort. All they need to do is just view the financial data on the dashboard. It is basically a summary of the most viewed orders, lifetime sales, last orders placed, new customers list and average order amount.
  7. Add-To-Cart Easily With Ajax
    If the system is reloading your e-commerce site every time you are adding a product to the shopping cart, it is a clear indication that the site is running on Magento 1 and you need to upgrade it to Magento 2. The Ajax Cart out-of-the-box feature found in the latest version let one add items in the shopping cart using JavaScript which prevents the entire page from reloading and thus helps in improving the user experience.
  8. Secured Data Encryption
    With cyber crime becoming a serious concern nowadays, the focus of every e-commerce business owner is on keeping the information of their customers protected. The strong data encryption is an added security feature you will find in Magento 2 which protects every sort of sensitive information like account passwords, credit card information, shipping module passwords and payment page, to name a few.
    Since you can now understand the difference between Magento 1 and Magento 2, start looking for a reliable company who will help you upgrade your e-commerce site to the latest version.