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Four Useful Digital Marketing KPIs – Follow Them For Your Campaign

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Do you want your business to become digitally visible to a large target audience? Then KPIs are the indicators that can help you measure and track your digital marketing campaign performance. After hiring a digital marketing company in Kolkata, you’ll find that digital marketers focus on a small number of metrics. They will check the conversion rates and visitors to your website. These metrics determine the success or failure of the digital marketing strategies that the company is implementing in your business.

What is a Digital Marketing KPI?

Here’s a list of common and important digital marketing KPIs that digital marketers follow for every campaign. These KPIs are an eye-opener for digital marketers. They can evaluate the performance of the digital strategies of the campaign.

1. Organic traffic
Organic traffic is created by the content present on the website. Digital marketers generally check the organic traffic on the webpage. They also keep a count of the number of leads that have been converted with the help of organic search. Sales volume and percentage of traffic from non-branded and branded keywords are also checked along with organic traffic.

2. Click through rate
CTR indicates how relevant, enticing and engaging your page is to users. With the help of CTR, the digital marketer can present the amount of money spent on PPC and display ads. On average, a CTR of 7 to 9% is ideal for Google Ads’ success. So if an online ad is running on your website, CTR is the indicator that can help measure the same.

3. Conversion rates
In simple terms, conversion rates show the number of users who purchased your product or availed of your service compared to the actual number of users who have visited the webpage. High conversion states suggest that your call-to-action content is effective. The major target of the digital marketing campaign is to get more and more conversions. Hence this is an important KPI.

4. Bounce rate
In contrast to the conversion rate, the digital marketer will also check the bounce rate on your website. It measures the number of visitors who have visited the site but need further navigation. If your bounce rate is high, you must work on a few things to improve your website. For instance, your website loading speed might need to be faster. Or your content may not be sufficient. Hence, bounce rates give you a clear idea of the poor spots on your website that you need to work on.

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