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Get the Maximum Businesses for Your Website Following these Expert Techniques

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Are you happy with the business your web site is doing? If your answer is no than it’s high time that you make certain simple changes in the technique of optimizing your website. And you are there! 

Try out the following steps and see the positive changes in traffic and conversions. It might be very difficult to get all the desired key words on rank. As some of the keywords are of high competition and some are low competitive.   For a new website one must do correct keyword research and should select the ones that fetches traffic but should have proper amount of competition.


After Google rolled the Penguin update, it is better to choose topics than individual phrases. The update focuses more on the context of the topic than the phrases. This helps search engines like Google, Yahoo to answer the question with web pages even if the web page is not optimized with phrase.

The next is most important factor to consider is the content. The longer the content the better impact it has for search engine. Websites written with rich content can rank well as they deserve. The content should be relevant and informative that provides proper information to the viewers about your product or service. Now the question comes how long the post should be? There isn’t any exact word limit to it, still then a normal blog post should be of 500 words length. Along with that authority post gets the maximum heed from Google. It has to be borne in mind that longer authoritative post is really liked by Google.  The content should be written in an interesting manner like in conversational way, which is amusing for the reader.

web content

Use of natural keywords

There should be no keyword stuffing in the content, the keyword should be so placed in the content that it sounds natural.  This helps in better keyword ranking in search engine.

Appropriate Title

Your page title must contain the key phrase you choose to target but should not sound unnatural. A descriptive title with the wise use of key phrase is best for proper optimization.

Proper Header Tag

While using the key phrase in the header tag you must keep in mind that you don’t overdo it. Using your key phrase in the H1, the first heading of page is best way and Google pays more value to it.

Optimized URLs is the next point to be considered and use of the exact keyword in the URL is not a good practice, where as branded root domain with correct optimized URL is the proper way to do it.

Page loading time is one of the deciding factors as it is criteria for Google to rank the page well.  Websites with slow load time suffers drop in traffic. To reduce the page load time checking following factors will help you:

  • Check the loading time of the page
  • Optimize the site so that its performance is improved.
  • Try different hosting provider in case you are using shared hosting servers.
  • And after all the changes are done again check the loading time.
  • In case, you are using WordPress, see that minimum plugins are incorporated and lean code is used.

SEO Benefits from Internal Linking

internal linking

Link your content with the internal pages that will make the navigation easier for the reader to go through the other pages.

Add your Google + profile (https://plus.google.com/u/2/+Lnselkolkata) in your content, which is setting authorship in your content. This enables you establish your authorship in your forte and this will help your site to rank good in Google.

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