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Google Algorithm Patents on Link Building with Brands

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Google’s Panda has announced a new patent on brand mentions that will help to build authority. The following paragraph measures the power of brands in linking building.

Brands have always been given importance to by the mass. Brand refers to your company’s talent in terms of skill and understanding to elevate itself in the eyes of the world. When you work hard and apply meaningful strategies to your work, you become recognized. Once recognized, people start respecting you. The respect follows power and that’s how you harness your position amidst competitors. Your quality of products and services, speed, pricing, luxury and customer care are some of the key attributes that help you to establish a name for yourself in the industry. So, it is an accepted fact that brand gives you an extra edge and brand does matter, at least in today’s digital age.

Coming to Digital age, do you know that the importance of brand is equally the same here? The digital world recognizes specific names like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Among them, the powerful brand is Google after Apple and it has set a yardstick for them who are aiming to get recognized. Lately it has made rules in the form of algorithms like Google Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird and has parallely imposed penalties on them who did not follow rules. Very recently the Panda patent that has been filed has given some insight on “brand value”.

The interpretations of that patent as per experts have been stated somewhat like this.

When you search in Google and click on a specific site and go through its content, you come across several links within the content. Google tries to identify the keywords and maps its relevance with the popularity of the directed site. The next analysis takes place in terms of quality.  When Google identifies the link as a brand, it then stores that information. This influences the ranking of those particular websites. In this aspect, the commercial factor is focused on. Google closely scrutinizes those who think more about search engine than the audience.

Talking about Links, it is important to prove the credibility of your content. It not only makes your content full proof, but also confirms the fact that the content has been written after extensive research. No follow links are quite favorable in terms of reference links. To build authority, whether Google looks up to plausible links, is still shadowy.  However, if the link mentions of a brand, then it is sure to draw more audience. The preferred methods of link building are:

  1. Guest Posting – You need to do it the right way,
  2. Express or Implied – The patent states that besides, the express link, which is a hyperlink, there also needs to be an implied link. The implied link is a kind of citation, which is Google’s focal point at present.


Google’s algorithms will keep changing from time to time. The only mantra is to follow Google’s rules and stick to the basics. If you can adhere to the unalterable rules, like having the right and relevant content for your site, Google’s rules won’t affect or make much difference for you.