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Google Updates – Know How to Make Peace with Them

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Well, if you are trying to fight the Google updates, then you must be at fault. However, if you know the technique of how to make peace with them, then you can surely survive them.

google update

Innovation and Research are the two ultimate words that define Google. There has been a great storm in the city of SEO. Countless number of websites is being penalized due to the updates brought by Google. Hence, it has become mandatory that web masters apply techniques that will help them survive the updates.

If not in details, but by names, we all have heard about these:

1. Panda
2. Penguin
3. Hummingbird

google hummingbird

The only aim of these updates is to get rid of those websites that apply faulty SEO techniques. There are many such websites who by any means try to improve their Google page rank. The various methods are:

1. Plagiarized and inapt content
2. Irrelevant links
3. Spam advertisements
4. Use of other unethical ways
5. Invest in Google+

Benefits of google plus page
Benefits of google plus page

Google has made a point to monitor all of them. As a consequence, it has appointed some of the animal algorithms to keep a check on them. An important observation can be stated in this regard. The quality content that is now being uploaded on websites has some criterion’s too. All this while, people have spinned the content and used it for better search ranking. However, now according to Google, the content has to be something that is readable and informational for any ordinary person. It must be something that the listeners can gain from by reading it. The quality of it must not get compromised at any cost and nor should it be inappropriate.

If a particular website follows this strictly, then that website will be an example of a proper site. So, if you are an entrepreneur and you fulfill all the requirements of making the structure of your website, then you can be in Google’s good books. Following the content, one must also be careful about the website posts and design.

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This has been a year of significant change in the SEO industry. In the coming years, we will observe significant changes that are expected to be brought about by Google. We just need to observe which SEO companies in India are capitalizing on the trends that are heading. Suggestion is to keep paying attention and improve ways of search visibility.