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Responsive web design has brought a revolution in the experience of web surfing. Now websites can be accessed seamlessly from any web enabled device and thus it is very easy for the traffic to reach their desired website.

Responsive web design is the new method of making websites that have come through in the recent years and is believed to be the future of the IT industry. Responsive web design is believed to be infallible when it comes to web surfing. It is believed to accommodate them who surf the web from various devices and promises to provide an impeccable experience to the surfer. All erstwhile websites are now being upgraded to this web design, because it has superior characteristics and are more user friendly in nature.

responsive web design

What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design is a method of designing a website by which the latter can recognize the device from which it has been accessed and can respond in accordance to the specifications of that device.

With the advent of new internet enabled devices such as laptops, Smartphone’s, and tablets such as iPad, IPod etc. the website can be accessed from many different gears and is easier to access. These devices must be recognized by the websites in order to provide the user with the best experience from various devices.

Why did responsive web design come into prominence?

Facts about responsive design

Responsive web designing came into prominence after the proliferation of internet enabled devices such as Smartphone’s, tablets and mini laptops. Every device has a unique screen resolution, orientation and definition. Thus a website which was designed for laptop could not be viewed well from a Smartphone and the website designed for a Smartphone could not be experienced well on the laptop. It was impractical for engineers to design same websites for different gadgets that have different specification, hence there was a need for standardization of the website which could sense the specifications of the device from which it has been accessed and respond accordingly.

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What benefits does responsive web design provide?

Responsive web design is a state –of- the -art web designing technique and has a lot of benefits to offer.

  • Adjusting screen resolution: Different devices have different screen resolutions. A laptop’s screen resolution is 1024 by 768. Smartphone’s alone have 3 to 4 different screen resolutions, but generally 320 by 240. A responsive web design helps the website to respond to the needful screen resolution of the device from which it has been accessed.

advantage responsive design

  • Flexible Images: Responsive web design has solved the problem of working with images to a great extent. A number of techniques have been developed to re-size images proportionately. Earlier websites which contained images were very difficult to be accessed from Smartphone’s but now with Responsive web designs that problem has been mitigated.
  • Custom Layout Structure: Custom Layout Structure is used in situations where extreme size change is required. In this method the layout of the website is changed altogether either through a separate style sheet or through a CSS media query.
  • Showing or hidden content: Even though it is possible to reduce the sizes when websites are accessed from devices such as Smartphone’s it is always not viable to show the contents in entirety. In such a case the most relevant content is shown and the less important contents are not shown by default. Thus mobile environments facilitate simpler navigation and more focused contents.
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