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Reasons Why Your Site Traffic Dropped

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If your website faces a sudden search rankings drop there can be a plethora of possible reasons for it. The success of a website depends on its website traffic and search engine rankings. A drop in search engine rankings will lead to reduced visibility and growth. It will help if you investigate the cause before it does more damage to your site.

Leading Causes of Site Traffic Drop

  1. You are using the wrong keyword strategy

It will help if you do not use niche or industry terminology that is unfamiliar to your customers. Google has focused more on natural terminology comprehension to facilitate easy searches. SERPs have also started ranking sites based on natural language and complete sentences.

You must stop using generic keywords and upgrade to the latest keyword strategies.

  1. Broken Redirects

Before making a structural change or launching a new site, you must have a robust 301 redirect strategy. Broken redirects will negatively impact your site and even cause a loss of followers.

Update your canonical tags, internal or external links, and XML sitemaps before using a redirect on your website. It will inform search engines that your entire website or individual pages have been moved to a new location.

  1. Manual Actions

Often Google may penalise you leading to reduced rankings and site traffic. Whether you face manual action or automatic penalty, you try to get the penalty removed quickly.

  1. Lost Links

If you find lost links on your website, you can check the following –

  • Suppose your links have been removed intentionally by Google. This could be a cause of penalisation if you were not using natural links on your site.
  • Whether your links have changed or broken during any site update.
  • Whether your links have been replaced with a new link, you can replace the old internal link with the new source link.

Other Possible Reasons for Reduced Site Traffic

  • Algorithm and UX changes in SERPs
  • Geolocation Discrepancies
  • Improvement in competitor’s sites
  • Server and other web vitals issue
  • Slow loading speed
  • Technical Issues
  • Poor meta information
  • Server overload

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