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Factors that influence your selection between WordPress and Joomla

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CMS or content management system is something to consider as it comes to building a website or designing the same. There are many systems available in the market. But the most popular of them are WordPress and Joomla. Any leading Web Design Company in Kolkata depends on either of them. Both of them come with many several functionalities and integrated features. The more features your CMS offers the less you need to worry about content management.

Factors that influence the decision of a Web Design Company in Kolkata regarding CMS selection

When you have an option to choose any of them, how would you make your decision? Well, you need to compare the key factors. Let’s have a quick look at some of them.

Multilingual –

Content is meant for engaging audiences from not only your country but also from every part of the world. Therefore, it would be always good if you have a multilingual portal to attract more audience. Joomla CMS platform comes with this functionality. But with WordPress, you have to install an extra plugin that is not free. Also, it’s not easy to install the same.

Security –

WordPress is currently the most popular and widely used CMS. More popularity makes it vulnerable to security threats. WordPress comes with many plugins. And ensuring proper security for each of them is not easy. On the other hand, Joomla is less popular. And thus, there are fewer security issues with Joomla. Moreover, it has some built-in security features such as Google ReCaptcha, SSL, and 2-factor authentication to guarantee maximum security. Any leading Web Design Company in Kolkata will consider this factor with more attention.

Caching –

Caches speed up the loading process. This helps to browse quicker than normal sites. WordPress doesn’t have this defaulted mechanism. You have to buy an external plugin for this reason. But Joomla is available with an integrated caching option.

Support –

In terms of customer support, WordPress wins the race. It has better and bigger customer support forums. Customers find better solutions to their issues through such platforms. But Joomla has a smaller number of people to use it. Therefore, the online community available is not enough to solve issues related to this CMS. Even an answer to the simplest question like how to build a site with Joomla might not be found from Joomla online forums.

Simplicity –

WordPress is very user-friendly. You don’t even need to have any special coding skills to design WordPress pages. But Joomla is critical to handle. Not everyone can handle it. Moreover, it doesn’t offer customizable features. Also, it hardly has extensions and plugins making it difficult for those who don’t have much coding knowledge.

Consider the aforementioned factors. It would help you make an informed and wise decision regarding the selection of the right CMS for your website.