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What should you invest in a dynamic website?

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Websites are the basic foundation on which an eCommerce business runs. According to a leading web development company in Kolkata, the website must be firm and strong to take your business to the next level. What kind of site you choose for your company plays an important role to determine the strength and efficacy of the business. Websites are broadly categorized into two distinct categories – static website and dynamic website. This categorization is based on their function and nature of development. Here we will discuss what a dynamic website is along with its advantages. 

What is a dynamic website?

A dynamic website may be defined as a web portal developed using the latest technologies like ASP, JavaScript, and PHP. Dynamic webpages denote interactive webpages. They keep changing according to geography, time, and user type. You can connect them to a huge database so it can pull necessary information as and when needed. As a result, a user-driven page that changes as per the requirements of the users can be expected. The content on the dynamic webpages changes as per the commands of the user. 

What are the benefits of dynamic websites built by a leading web development company Kolkata?

There are many benefits of building a dynamic website and some of them are as follows:

Simple to upgrade and update

The key benefit of the web portal is it can be updated and upgraded easily as per your need without having any expert knowledge. Just a single change in the site’s template file can change the design in all the pages of that file. 


As already mentioned, dynamic sites are interactive. Through such a site, the users can interact easily while making changes as per their need. 


Dynamic websites can be updated fast to become responsive in different sizes of screen. This facility you won’t get with a static website. 

Easy navigation

Smooth and easy navigation is another important aspect of the dynamic web portal. This allows the users to wander around the pages without difficulties. 

These are the few benefits of a dynamic website. The utility though depends on the purpose and needs. While most people love the intuitiveness and functionalities of dynamic websites, some people are comfortable with static websites because of their simplicity.