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Start Your Oracle ERP Implementation In India Like A Professional

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Considering an Oracle ERP implementation is definitely a big decision as it is considered to be the first step towards a digital transformation. The right software selection is indeed a challenge as you need a system which can improve your business and make the job of your employees easier. The best is to get in touch with a reliable company offering customised enterprise software at affordable prices. They will assess the situation and craft a solid implementation plan on how to move forward. There are a few things you need to consider before starting with the implementation process if you want to ensure the success of your team.

4 Points To Consider Before Oracle ERP Implementation In India
• Certify The Exact Timing And Scope Of The Software Before Purchase
Since an ERP implementation is a big investment, it is vital for you to validate the software you are purchasing. If you feel that the software you were shown during demos is different from the one you have purchased, start looking for a more experienced company offering ERP implementation in Kolkata. There are even a few companies who let you negotiate the timing of the purchase if you are not willing to buy it upfront.

• Source Your Project Resources
Even if the company offering the software is advising you to implement it right away so that their compensation gets optimised, undertake the task only when the right team who will do the implementation is in place. The first thing you need to do is to source both internal and external resources for a successful project implementation. Identify all the IT, business and consulting resource considerations before starting with the project. Assign them the roles of internal and external project managers, business leads, program manager and organizational change leads, among others.

• Craft A Realistic Implementation Project Plan
The importance of a complete project implementation plan can never be neglected as Oracle ERP implementation in India requires a lot of effort, planning and focus. The implementation plan should comprise of all the vital components which ensure its success. Unless you have prior experience in ERP implementation, get in touch with an experienced consultant and they will help you develop a realistic implementation strategy which will suit the unique situation of your company the best. They are also aware of the areas business owners generally overlook like program management and business process improvement.

• Identify The Critical Path Activities
If you think that Oracle ERP implementation gets delayed because of software and technical issues, it’s high time you debunk the myth. There are a few critical path activities which can delay the project even if you are implementing fully tested and configured software. If you want to prevent cost overruns, identify the issues related to business processes, people and data and take the necessary steps to avoid those.
These being said, it’s time to consider the points stated above and you can enjoy a fast and hassle-free ERP implementation.