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If you are of the business owners willing to stay ahead in 2019, thinking your SEO strategies in advance is more important than you think. Unless you have years of experience in using the latest SEO techniques to craft effective strategies, trying a DIY won’t be a wise thing to do. The best alternative is to get in touch with experienced SEO professionals and they will suggest some of the best SEO tactics and strategies which are expected to dominate in 2019 and will help you earn more revenue.

Looking For SEO Service In Kolkata? 4 Trends Expected To Rule In 2019

Understand User Intent
Determining your target audience is a must as it will help you determine whether they prefer images, video, text or audio. When they have a query, you should be capable of answering them in the simplest way possible. Experienced SEO experts are aware of the fact that the tastes, interests and preferences of the audience change quicker than you expect and so considering those when crafting your SEO strategies is a must. The website content should be written and optimised for your audience.

Consider Structured Data Markup
Every professional offering SEO service in India will suggest their clients to use structured data when possible if they are willing to follow the latest SEO trends. The importance of AI and structured data is increasing simultaneously. Unless you develop a good understanding of the latter, it will take more time for Google to crawl the required information irrespective of how good your AI is. It will become easier for us to give signals to search engines to understand the content structure if metadata, information architecture, tags and structured markup are used wisely.

Pay Importance To Technical SEO
If you need the best SEO service in Kolkata, now is the right time to invest in technical SEO. It is being considered to be a vital area of investment as the complexity of these websites is continually growing. Once you learn how to focus on the technical side of SEO, you will understand the importance of having a website which can load and start faster. A majority of the websites you will encounter this year is expected to be heavily JavaScript driven.

Think Beyond Google Search
You will be surprised to know that in 2019 optimising for Google won’t be sufficient and you need to consider other search engines also. This is why you need to think beyond Google Search if you are willing your business to show up wherever your audience is searching. You need to drive engagement and traffic for all the services and things you are offering. You also need to attain a high rank in app stores if you feel that your customers are looking for apps.
Since you are now aware of the latest SEO trends expected to rule in 2019, it’s time you start looking for reliable SEO experts who can help you follow those.

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