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The SEO Potpourri and the Human-Automation Tussle

In the virtual, digital world in which humankind now incessantly loiters, having an impressive website is one thing, and eliciting traffic upon it is another. While you have the option of good web design for the former, you must make use of search engine optimisation for the latter.


The on-page and off-page SEO attempts will determine how your site ranks in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and how the traffic performs on it. Now, here’s some interesting information –

“The first website listed on the first page of Google receives 33% traffic, while that on the tenth page gets only 2%!”

However, deciding on the right channel can be an overwhelming attempt. Whether to go for a platform or an agency? Whether to rely on manual endeavour or automation? Which is the best SEO solution that can hold a candle to the awesomeness of a grand website?

The Human-vs.-Automation Battle:

With so many SEO software and platforms thronging the web, the charge of the digital marketing brigade is no longer rested on the agencies alone. And, with the service seekers spoilt for choice, deciding whether to go for an agency or a platform is the biggest, intriguing question of present times.

A manual Search Engine Optimiser has to put into practice, a number of on-page and off-page tactics to bring a website to visibility on search engines. Everything is done by hand. But interestingly, the automated platforms can do whatever is carried out manually. From keyword research to social bookmarking, blog commenting, directory submission, forum posting, the list of automatically ‘doable’ tasks is really long.

However, differences lie in a number of aspects, like –


The control over digital strategies is always stronger when an agency is behind the scene. Personalisation of these strategies is possible, too. Also, because agencies often offer complete digital marketing packages instead of only SEO, there’s an automatic link-up with other strategies like content, SEO-friendly web design, and advertising.

In other words, you are opting for a comprehensive solution, rather than a specific one. Such integration is never possible with a virtual platform.


SEO platforms are everything related to ‘search,’ but nothing more than that. Yes, they help in generating organic search results affordably. But, you can never expect to find the human touch in their work.

As a result, there’s much hotchpotch regarding keyword research and page selection. And then, such platforms are very limited if you observe their capabilities of optimising websites within multi-marketing channels.

Luckily, we have SEO agencies, which cultivate a team of maestros belonging to a variety of industries and fields of expertise. They are well aware of the nooks and corners of the complicated marketing world, and can offer valuable advice accordingly. The best ones will stay updated with the trends and give your website the positive treatment it deserves.


Hands-on SEO is what happens within SEO agencies. Yes, it is a little costlier and time-consuming than platform solutions. The latter would streamline processes and carry out strategies flawlessly.

However, it would be a waste of energy to expect personal care of them. It’s like viewing a rose for real and on TV. Both have the colour, both are visually appealing. But, only one can offer you the sweet fragrance in the truest sense.


Choosing an SEO platform for your website is like marrying a robot. It will remain an unfeeling toward the needs of your site for a lifetime. Yes, it will listen to you and react according to your command. But, thinking for the benefit of your site is definitely a far cry.

On the other hand, agencies are humans at the core. Personalisation of services for the goodwill of clients is their highest priority. They believe in building relationships and cherishing them forever. And, about your site, well, it’s their work and worship.

So, which option to choose from this SEO potpourri?

This is still a confusing talk. Well, it depends, kind of, on whether or not you have a team dedicated wholeheartedly to content and PR. If yes, then you need to focus on whether or not this team has enough time to devote toward SEO.

Again, you must also observe if managing this team exceeds your budget boundaries. If the case be so, you must rely on an agency to scuttle ahead in the rat race.

Also, if you have a very new, intricate website with a pile of content that needs manual CMS updates, or a website which has already been subjected to penalisation, then putting your trust on an SEO agency would be the wisest decision to make. And who knows, the success of your website might entirely depend on the alluring fragrance of that red rose in your garden. What good would a digital version of the flower do, then? Do reflect on this.

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