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Sometimes, in pursuit of quick profit and instant results, you hastily mould a website, organize its bits and parts, and throw it in the big Web to thrive without much rhyme and reason. But, have you ever realised how challenging such sites can be for visitors?

Yes, they not only imply that you are being downright unprofessional, but also hinder conversions. They are like that phone call running on bad network signals. There’s no clarity of voice or audibility. Similarly, a site as such fails to convey its message in proper tone.


So, is your website ‘customer-centric’? Now is the time to ponder!

But, what, according to you, is a ‘good’ website design? Is it a modern-looking layout with captivating images? Of course, it’s very natural to believe that it is all about a bunch of elements that make you go wow, right?


While a fancy site seems like a good way to go, it usually doesn’t fit the ‘customer-centric’ definition, let alone converting leads. Such a site is, kind of, useless. Visitors might find it wooing, but customers will never. It’s going to be a source of confusion and frustration, ultimately leading to abandonment.

The meaning of the term is more than just a mere extravaganza.

‘Customer-centric’ means you are creating something that’s going to satiate and benefit customers. The idea, thus, will mull over what customers wish for and what they need.

Yes, to save your business online, you must focus on these aspects and ensure your visitors an awesome experience. Only then can you drive sales, win loyalty and trust, and achieve that much-needed word-of-mouth popularity.


And, is it only about making customers happy? No, because when a web design is customer-centric, you have enough scope to explore the preferences of your visitors. This will help you effectively decide about what content to put on your site, what aspects to offer, which design to select, and most importantly, which processes to make available.

Remember, your customers sit on the decision throne.

Rather than conjuring up a site that pays more attention to your opinion, you should design it in such a way that it speaks the words of a customer.

Perform a survey to get an idea about the potential of a visitor for customer conversion. Observe the qualities in this person that would make him an ideal customer. Take your time to understand the challenges he faces and offer solution accordingly.

Address customer enquiries and frequently asked questions, and prepare a content strategy that assists in solving issues which they face. Yes, a clear content strategy is what’s primary for such sites. Let your content decide the design, rather than the other way round.

Again, the idea is also about creating a friendly image that reflects the purpose of your business. Casual or formal, this purpose should get an organised face, that’s all. Nobody wishes to plump for messy-looking sites. Motivation is the mantra for conversion, and it comes only when something is put straight. Let this commence with a simple navigation.

Take the challenge!


Look at your site and see whether it’s really ‘customer-centric.’ Be absolutely honest and answer these questions:

  • Does the home page speak about how visitors will benefit from your products and services?
  • Is this message clear enough?
  • Have you put your contact information correctly and within visibility?
  • Is your site properly navigable?
  • Is the process of purchasing a product or availing a service easy?
  • Is the content organised, and is it free from grammatical errors and redundancy?
  • Is there any provision of customer feedback?
  • Most importantly, does the site offer customer support?

If your site passes this mini quiz, chances are that you are heading towards massive customer conversion. If not, then it’s time to gear up. Seriously.

Remember, it’s about meeting the needs of those who are genuinely interested in your purpose. It’s about making that pesky phone call sweeter. It’s not much of a hard work. Only, you need to envision the possibilities correctly. Indulge in an optimistic approach, and add the zing to your site today!

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