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Things To Consider When Designing an E-Commerce Website

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E-Commerce is a new age development. Almost everything that you search for is available online. However, designing an e-commerce website can seem complicated. It is not easy to build a trading website that focuses on complete user engagement. This is why you should consult professionals from a reputable ecommerce website design company in Kolkata.

E-Commerce Websites are not just meant to showcase your brand online. Rather it is built to encourage customers to shop from the site. This is why the designers must ensure that the website is intuitive. It should be user friendly and cutting edge. Professionals will help you build an engaging site to connect to more customers.

Design Tips to Build an E-Commerce Website

1. Match the Design with the Product

When you design an E-Commerce site, remember that consistency is the key. Ensure to keep the website design coherent with what products you are selling. It will improve the overall look of the site. Make sure that the colours, text and font that you choose define the website. For example, if you sell toys for children, you can implement fun and colourful design. If your website sells gadgets, you can give it a geeky theme for better impact.

2. Product Showcase and Description

The purpose of the E-Commerce website is to sell products and services. Hence, you should stress on highlighting the products on your website. Make sure that you use high-quality images to get more user attention. You can notice better results if the images put on the website are larger.

To improve the usability, choose a layout that will emphasize the products displayed on site. Customers should not find it hard to find the ‘accessories’ page if they search for the same. If there is a lack of proper information, customers are likely to leave the website.

A worse factor is misinformation. Ensure not to create a bad impression about the brand with your silly mistakes. This way, you will end up losing valuable customers.

3. Shopping Cart Design

Most designers do not pay attention to the shape and size of the shopping cart. Yet it is one of the vital components of the website. When the customers see a well-designed shopping cart, they feel inclined to add more products. So, when you design it, ensure that the image is clear and put together with a convenient search bar.

4. Easy Checkout

What defines an ideal checkout page? Apart from quick transactions, you should check if the checkout option is accessible to all. The customers should be able to checkout without facing any problems. This way, more customers will feel motivated to repeat the purchase.

You should not include too many pages for checkout. Instead, try to make it a single page process to avoid confusion for the customers.

5. Social Proof

To build customer confidence, your E-Commerce website must have social proof. Try to get good reviews for the business. Ensure that the customers can read the reviews and feedback easily. The designers will do it for you by bringing the option on the product page.

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