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Top Trends in Mobile App Development Coming Your Way in 2015

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There have been some amazing changes in the world of smartphones and tablets. Of course, the revamp has been, kind of, dynamic. It still is on. And, app developers, come 2015, you can expect some more dynamism coming your way. Did you know that applications are used more than websites? Take a look at THIS:

So, what’s in store for you this year? What to welcome and what to ditch? Here’s a little sneak peek into the future that’s arriving:
Swift production, swift launches:
Yes, impatience has literally become the new life. Demands are rising and enterprises are having to toil their tails out to meet them. The future, therefore, is of fast business, rapid mobile apps development and quick launch of the products. The prime target will be to cut short the entire lifecycle of production of applications and lessen the duration from its conception to inception. This also means that there will be born, some smart, rapid development tools and quick marketing strategies. The marker is running breathless. Where do you stand?
Reality check: Did you know that number of developers per app store is only rising? So, gear it up and start running!

Taking a walk on the cloud:
The cloud technology is all set to push application development to greater heights in 2015. There has been a huge buzz of a swarm of devices and wearable technologies. They even use edible wearables in Marathon these days (what has the world come to!).
Nevertheless, you will have to focus on how to get your application synced with these devices. The cloud, will be playing a very crucial role in this. You will be able to build applications and access them on a variety of devices carrying the same functions and features. Benefits?
– Self-sufficient production and testing.
– Quick production of application.
– Customization.
– Collaboration with other experts of the same.
– Technical knowledge? What’s that?

Drooling over app analytics:

Checking application performances will be entirely via app analytics. Amazing applications that are equally user friendly will come to the forefront. User experience will be the guiding star. And, this is going to get nasty, because there are so many devices thronging the market and so many still to come. Analytics will, of course, help business get a better insight into the performance of their applications, paving the avenue for better customer conversion. In-app advertising will see a huge explosion.
Application not secured? Forget success:
According to Gartner, Inc, over 75% of applications shall fail the initial security test this year. Hackers and spammers will continue to breach application security barriers and leak sensitive content.

“Enterprises that embrace mobile computing and bring your own device (BYOD) strategies are vulnerable to security breaches unless they adopt methods and technologies for mobile application security testing and risk assurance. Most enterprises are inexperienced in mobile application security. Even when application security testing is undertaken, it is often done casually by developers who are mostly concerned with the functionality of applications, not their security,” says Dionisio Zumerle, research analyst at Gartner.

Security is still a huge challenge. It’s time for the markers to get serious about their creations. Compromised security might automatically render the application a big failure.

Location-based WiFi is going to become mainstream:

This year and beyond, WiFi will get a new definition. It will serve not just the purpose of easy Internet accessibility, but also of other business needs. Apple has already started its journey with the iBeacon network to keep a track of its customers and to feed them with relevant information from time to time. It’s called ‘Proximity Marketing.’

Also, cellular data tariffs might become higher nothing how everyone is consuming data everywhere on this globe.

HTML5 is in the cards, too:

It is the latest responsive language, which is now being preferred for application development. In the past years, there was a huge decline in the production of native applications. This was because the makers had to create two different versions of the website, one for the smartphones and other for the desktops. But, with HTML5, the woes will end and the market will flourish again.

So, polish your skills this year before someone else steals away the show! All the very best for that.