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Top Trends in Mobile App Development that are Happening in 2018

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2018, like the years preceding it, has been the year for mobile applications. With an ever-increasing number of people using smartphones as an extension of their personality, the scope for mobile application development in Kolkata is at an all-time high. Discussed below are the leading trends that are going on with mobile app development in 2018 that you should know of.

Know the Trends in Mobile Application Development

  • Cloud-Based Apps

One concept that has really taken off over the last few years and reached a crescendo in 2018 is that of cloud-based applications. With the emphasis on storing one’s data to a cloud, and the ability to call upon it at any point of time is certainly a beckoning proposition for young and old alike. In addition to this, the freeing up on storage space on the phone itself also makes cloud-based apps something to opt for.

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages

Another thing about mobile apps that is quite en vogue in 2018 is the concept of AMPs or accelerated mobile pages. It is an open-source matter which ensures the seamless loading of web pages on mobile devices. It looks to enhance the user experience by hastening the process by which a webpage is rendered onto different devices.

  • Increased Focus on Security

There can be no denying the fact that as technology improves so does the ability of hackers to misuse it for their benefit. However, in 2018, there has been a marked increase on the part of the developers to ensure that the security features of their apps cannot be bypassed in any way that will be detrimental for the end-user.

  • Enterprise Applications

As far as the rise in the use of enterprise apps is concerned, there has been no year more fruitful than 2018. An ever-increasing number of companies are opting for e-commerce and m-commerce, thus enhancing the scope for mobile apps to cater to that purpose. Even banks and other financial institutions are making lives easier for their customers by rolling out mobile apps meant to ensure that almost everything can be done from the comfort of the customer’s own house.

  • Online Video-on-Demand

One of the things that have taken over the app market by storm is the video-on-demand platform. Heralded by Netflix more than a decade ago, mobile application development has given a particular concentration of development of apps like Hoichoi and ALTBalaji which provide on-demand video streaming options that end-users can experience.

These are the trends that have made their way into the mobile app development domain in the year 2018. These are expected to continue into the next year, and trends that are newer still will also undoubtedly appear. It is a given that the old gives way to new, and it is no different with mobile apps considering that even the trends of today will be improved on in the years to come.