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If you are a part of the e-commerce sector, you will be definitely aware of the fact that this sector has experienced growth at a very fast pace in the last few years. According to a survey conducted recently, sales are expected to multiply within the next few years. If you are also willing to reap the benefits of this bright future, know the latest e-commerce trends which are ruling in 2018. Knowing the opportunities and challenges you might have to face will help you stay prepared.

Few E-Commerce Trends Ruling This Year

  • Better Shipping And Delivery Logistics

Since the importance of shipping times and delivery logistics is something which can’t be ignored in the e-commerce sector, faster shipping and better delivery logistics are expected to become a trend this coming year. A recently-published infographic stated that more than 5 billion items were shipped by Amazon throughout the world through their one or two-day shipping in 2017. Their fastest delivery facility is the base of their success.


  • Better AI And Machine Learning Integration

The demand for machine learning technology has enhanced in the last few years has made it important for the e-commerce sites to integrate machine learning and AI. This will not only help to improve search functionality but even the product recommendation engines will become more specific. Though the e-commerce sites have been using these technologies for years, 2018 is currently experiencing a drastic increase in the application of these technologies.


  • Popularity Of Voice Everywhere

Voice search has made it easier for one to talk about mobile. It has now become a leading driver of innovation for e-commerce in 2018.  Two smart home appliances which are being widely adopted are Google’s Home and Amazon’s Echo. There are even hundreds of customers who have already expressed the desire to purchase these smart appliances in the coming few years.


  • Growth In IoT And Mobile Checkout

The mobile checkouts and payment systems have increased with the advancement in technology. People are using internet-connected devices to browse through various e-commerce sites and so it has become mandatory to make mobile checkouts and IoT easier for them to understand. E-commerce has gained popularity simultaneously with that of mobile phones. There are even numerous mobile payment platforms for customers to choose from.

Since you are now aware of a few e-commerce trends ruling in 2018, it’s time you too start reaping the benefits of those.

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