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What Wikipedia can’t tell you about social Media and SEO?

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Following is a brief on social media and seo and their interdependence on each other. If you want to know something different about them that Wikipedia can’t tell you, read through the column.

smo and seo

Do you want to skyrocket your SEO in a short span of time? Have you tried Social Media? Well, if you have a facebook or twitter account then you do definitely indulge in posting and sharing. After this you get notifications where friends have liked your post. Such is the nature of social media. This sharing, posting and liking keeps going on and visibility increases.  People find you; know you and you become an entity. Such is the power of social media. This power works in a similar way in case of SEO that happens for various online businesses. Google has lately made strict seo rules for the entire digital marketing world. Everyone needs to adhere to those rules. If anybody does not, then their page rank gets lowered and they might be ousted from the internet universe as well.  Let us take a look how social media can help you to remain stable in this changing world and you can gradually climb up the ladder.

seo and smo

You must open a social account when you enter the online world. The famous social media sites include facebook, twitter and linked in. Here your first aim is to identify what your business is all about and who are the ones interested in your business. You have to thoroughly research on this and if possible find out from your network. After that you have to plan a strategy to reach out to these people. You must remember that the strategy has to be very convincing and capturing. People face these kinds of tempting sales strategies every day. Hence, you have to get the old wine in a new bottle but packed well. After this, you can start spreading your wings in terms of shares, likes and posts and reposts. Through social media people should know what are you doing and how do you wish to proceed in your line of business. If there is anything that benefits them, you must induct those as well.

seo and smo


Following the above social media strategy, your site search engine optimization (SEO) is bound to go up.