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What Are Some Of The Seo Issues Impacting Your Site?

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There are certain issues that are affecting the SEO of your site. Experts have pointed out some of the below mentioned reasons and insist on pursuing healthy SEO. 

Every digital marketing personnel and website businesses have only question to ask – How to ace the SEO game?

Google algorithms

Google algorithms like Hummingbird, Penguin and Panda have come up with a number of updates, which are to be followed strictly. Hence, it has become a grave concern for online businesses to weigh all aspects and then implement their SEO strategy. However, there are certain technical issues that you must address first to ensure that successful SEO.

  • Some of them are:
  • Page Authority
  • Single-Page Applications
  • Link Building
  • Trust

Let us discuss 3 other yet vital issues that impacts sites.

Mobile Presentation

responsive design

Nowadays, the demand for smart phones and tablets has grown enormously. Therefore, the need for having a responsive web design is mandatory. Not only being responsive is the only way, you also need to provide your users with unique user experience. If you miss taking into account this aspect, then you can considerably lose them. The number of users who remain on your site and those who bounce back determine a way by which Google assesses your site rank. Once your site has a proper rank, then can Google load your pages faster and demote difficult layouts that basically repel users.

Duplicate Content

duplicate content

Do you want your traffic to get deflected? If you don’t, then beware of duplicate content. There are many websites that are created dynamically. These are mis-configured from SEO point of view. Some of the sites have a number of pages that are stuffed with similar content. This may be both applicable for off-site and on-site. Fresh text can work wonders for your site and it will matter a lot for your rage rankings.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

Google doesn’t want you to manipulate SEO. It is all about search engine optimization and it can be done in a healthy way. Getting back links from guest posts is a much exploited tact and you need to look beyond it. You can use “no follow” link instead of “do follow” links.